Color Blind Glasses with Corrective Lenses

Color blindness until recently was considered a disease that cannot be compensated, therefore, such patients were forbidden to drive a car and a full-fledged perception of nature, art, and cinema was not available. Modern technologies offer special glasses for color blind people, where a multilayer filter transmits certain waves in order to reliably transmit color sensation, realize color recognition (prices vary depending on the model and company of the manufacturer).

What are color blind glasses

Due to a genetic defect, some people on the planet have weakened or missing color spectrum recognition. In medicine, it is customary to generalize this group of diseases by the name "color blindness", although there is a definition for each individual visual impairment. Until recently, science could not improve the color perception of these patients (glasses with neodymium lenses were ineffective, vision correction did not help).

With the advent of the latest development of layer-by-layer creation of lenses in glasses, it became possible to make a coating that can filter the spectrum and transmit waves of the desired length so that a person can see those colors that he did not perceive before. At the time of 2019, such technologies are used by two companies - EnChroma and Oxy-Iso. In the first case, the lenses are made individually after a professional examination or are produced in limited quantities. Oxy-Iso offers color blindness glasses with specific color filters to combat color perception defects.

Indications for use

Glasses are designed for use by people with impaired or impaired color perception. This means that in humans, due to genetic abnormalities, one of the three types of cones (photoreceptors) does not function properly. With the help of such lenses, color blind can very well get the rights to a car, become a pilot, fully perceive works of art. There are several types of violation (types of color blindness):

  • deuteranopia, protanopia, protanomaly, deuteranomaly - the patient does not distinguish between green and / or red color (the most common clinical case);
  • tritanomalia, tritanopia - a violation of color perception of the perception of the blue-violet part of the spectrum (the violation does not depend on the patient’s gender, is detected in less than 1% of people);
  • achromatopsia - complete color blindness.

Lenses for color blind people really work only in case of violation of the perception of green and red colors of the spectrum. The power of filtration of the light flux is selected individually. Neodymium oxide in the composition of the lenses helps to perceive them more efficiently, in fact, at the level of a healthy person. For other forms of color blindness, modern glasses are useless.

Operating principle

EnChroma glasses are mostly made to order. This approach guarantees maximum color correction for a particular patient. The lens itself is a multilayer filter that transmits basic color waves, but blocks shades that the patient’s eye does not perceive. This raises the contrast of red, blue, green and their combinations. At the same time, there will be no effect for a healthy eye.

Oxy-Iso glasses were originally developed as an auxiliary device for physicians during examination of patients and during manipulations. However, a side effect of glasses - color correction - has developed into a full-fledged business for color blind people. Unlike colleagues, Oxy-Iso produce ready-made lenses with a certain degree of color correction. The principle of operation is the same - filtering the light flux and enhancing the basic colors.

Application restrictions

In the case of glasses for color blind, there is a principle of expediency, not limitation. Lenses actually produce color blindness correction for only one type of disease (protanopia and its variations). To all other patients with damage to color perception, such glasses are useless. They also will not help with acquired color blindness, impaired color perception due to the use of medications or secondary pathologies of the retina, optic nerve.

Color Blind Glasses Price

It should be mentioned right away that buying such a product in online stores like AliExpress is useless. 90% of the goods sold there belong to sunglasses or glasses for drivers. It will be very difficult to guess the right color correction, so you should contact specialized stores where you can go through a professional examination. The only official representative of EnChroma and Oxy-Iso in the Russian Federation is OpticPro (mail delivery, regular sales, promotions, discounts. Representative offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg).


EnChroma is based in the United States. If the client wants an individual production, he will have to go to the States for examination, and they also allow color blind people to send the results obtained from a local ophthalmologist. Such glasses will be expensive, about $ 300, while the quality of color grading will directly depend on the survey data. Sales representatives offer to buy glasses for color blind with averaged color filters, but they are cheap compared to the order:


The official price, rub.

The average market price for resale, rubles.


Cx-14, Cx-25, Cx-65 (degree of suppression of sunlight)

30 000

36 000


Baby EnChroma

20 000

27 000


EnChroma with diopters

35 000

42 000


The company specializes in color grading devices for doctors. The fact that the lenses help color blind people turned out to be a side effect, but they did not lose the benefit. Oxy-Iso produces essentially one model with different lens colors for the correct color perception in each case. The market has a huge number of fakes of this brand, which are sun-protection. The cost of the official representative of the original - 18 000 rubles.

How to choose color blind glasses

The main criterion for choosing such glasses is the same as for buying any other product - an individual approach. It is better to go to the official representative: there you can choose the most suitable lenses that will give the desired effect, while the client receives a quality guarantee. However, the first thing that color blindness needs to be done is that it is necessary to undergo an examination with an ophthalmologist in order to obtain accurate data on your disease and, starting from them, already purchase the goods.


Nadezhda, 42 years old Received acquired color blindness on the background of oncology treatment. They promised that everything would be restored, but no luck. I decided to buy OKSIvskie glasses, although the seller dissuaded, they say, will not help. I didn’t return completely green with red, but I began to distinguish them, and not see them with the same gray, so it makes sense in my case.
Sergey, 23 years old Since childhood, he loved cars and dreamed of rights, but protanomaly ruined all plans (he even tried to learn special color tests by heart to pass the exam). As a result, a year ago I decided to order EnKhrom glasses for street wearing. Normally, he began to distinguish colors, including at the traffic lights, and the color blind was able to pass on the right.
Irina, 22 years old I was looking for a rimless EnChroma lens for myself to process on my own. The company refused to sell flat. I searched for a long time on Internet sites and found it on sale. Arrived, picked up, gave to the workshop. And only then I remembered that I didn’t even look at them to check, so I received darkened glasses for 25 thousand. It would be better to take from a representative.
Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for independent treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give recommendations for treatment based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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