Glucometer one touch select: how to use the device

For a patient with diabetes, it is important to control the level of glucose (sugar) in the blood. With special devices - glucometers, this can be done independently. LifeScan’s new generation of One Touch Select glucose meter (Touch Select) is accurate, reliable, and it’s very convenient for customers to use a self-test, it’s easy to purchase - the official website of the manufacturer in Russia provides detailed information on how to do this depending on the type of diabetes.

What is the One Touch Select meter

Until recently, diabetics did not have the opportunity to purchase a simple and high-quality apparatus, which they so needed for self-control. Today our pharmacies offer excellent glucometers from the American company LifeScan of Johnson & Johnson holding. Designed for home use, this is the first among the analogs to measure blood glucose, having an interface in Russian. The company releases a modification of One Touch Select - Simple and other types: One Touch Ultra Easy and Verio.

Principle of operation

Device management is comparable to a mobile phone system. For each measurement, it is possible to mark the result as receiving before or after eating. The statistical function of the device, these marks are used to issue reports for each type of measurement, calculate the average result of measurements. One Touch Select is plasma calibrated using an electrochemical measurement method.

The analysis requires 1 μl of blood, the test strip One Touch Select automatically absorbs the required volume of material. Between the glucose contained in the blood and the enzymes of the strip, an electrochemical reaction and an electric current of low frequency occur, the strength of which is affected by the amount of glucose. By measuring the strength of the current, the apparatus thereby calculates the level of glucose. In 5 seconds, the device displays the result on the screen, saves it, and after removing the used test, it automatically turns off. The memory allows you to store 350 measurements from the latest results.


Devices are equipped depending on the model of the device. One Touch Select comes standard with the items needed for the measurement procedure (control solutions sold separately). The standard kit includes:

  • 10 test strips;
  • miniature piercing pen;
  • 10 lancets (sterile);
  • One Touch Cap
  • case;
  • battery;
  • instruction in Russian.

Pros and Cons of the One Touch Select Meter

Van Touch Select is an intuitive and easy to use device. It is suitable for all ages, people of the elderly and middle generation, youth. He is chosen for undoubted advantages:

  • menus and instructions in Russian;
  • large display;
  • character clarity;
  • the presence of only three buttons for control;
  • mark measurements before and after eating;
  • calculation of average indicators;
  • optimum dimensions;
  • wide user reach;
  • well thought out navigation;
  • anti-slip rubber pads on the back;
  • after-sales service of the manufacturer;
  • affordable price.

The device is compact in size, good and easy to use. It has practically no shortcomings, except that:

  • no backlight;
  • There is no sound function for reproducing calculation results.

Instructions for use of the meter One Touch Select

With the help of a glucometer, it is possible to measure the level of glucose daily at home. The application is simple, but before using the device, you should carefully read the instructions:

  1. Before measuring with soap, wash your hands, rub your finger to improve blood circulation.
  2. Insert the test strip in the white arrow into the groove of the meter, and the lancet in the special pen (piercer).
  3. Go to the next step - piercing your finger with a lancet.
  4. Then bring your finger to the strip.
  5. After a few seconds the result is displayed on the screen, remove the test from the device (the device will turn off itself).

The price of the One Touch Select meter

On the official sales site of the glucometer owned by Johnson & Johnson, you can use the option to search for the best price in your city through the federal drug ordering service in any pharmacy where it is convenient for you to receive the goods. In Moscow, the device has a large run-up in cost and is sold at different prices: the maximum price is 1819 rubles, the minimum, taking into account discounts, is 826 rubles. Test strips for the One Touch select meter are sold separately in packs of 25, 50, 100 pieces.


Alexandra, 48 years old. As a diabetic, I need to regularly monitor my sugar level. Among the various offers, I decided to buy the One Touch Select Simple glucometer. I ordered it not so expensive, on sale through an online store with mail delivery. The purchase exceeded expectations! The device is very convenient and quickly shows the measurement results.
Valentina, 66 years old. To check the amount of sugar in my blood, I needed a special apparatus. In a pharmacy, among several types, the instructions for the One Touch Select meter clearly explained how to use the device, and I liked the large screen of the device. I have been using it for more than a year. The doctor says the device has an accurate result, and I trust him!
Yuri, 36 years old One Touch Select cheaply bought at a pharmacy in St. Petersburg, pre-ordered online. The operation of the meter is very simple, anyone will understand the test. It’s convenient for me to take it with me on business trips. I then report the test results to the doctor. I immediately buy large quantities of strips, so it’s more profitable.
Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for independent treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give recommendations for treatment based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

Watch the video: How to Check Blood GLUCOSE Sugar Level Using OneTouch Simple Device (February 2020).