Breastfeeding suppositories for hemorrhoids for effective treatment

Young mothers often use hemorrhoid suppositories for breastfeeding - immediately after childbirth and throughout the entire period of lactation, sea buckthorn suppositories containing belladonna extract, shark liver oil are used to treat cracks and hemorrhoidal bleeding. Symptoms of the disease, which, according to official data, every seventh person experiences, in many women occur in the third trimester of bearing a child. In the initial stages, hemorrhoids respond well to treatment, a young mother will not spend much time using apparently safe drugs.

What is hemorrhoids

The disease can be called varicose veins located in the lower rectum. At the first stage, itching and burning in the anus, pain during bowel movements, hemorrhoidal bleeding and nodes occur. In the absence of treatment, there is a loss of formations, their acquisition of a plum shade, severe pain when touched - pronounced symptoms of thrombosis and the need for surgical intervention. Both men and women suffering from constipation are subject to hemorrhoids, 80% of the latter acquire it during pregnancy and childbirth.

Suppositories for hemorrhoids with lactation

Rectal suppositories, which have a local effect, help with inflammation of hemorrhoids. The effectiveness of the drug of this form of release is explained by the direct contact of the sore spot with the active substance, which guarantees the greatest anti-inflammatory and anesthetic effect. Suppositories for hemorrhoids for nursing mothers are indicated for exacerbations of the disease during lactation. The components of the drug used by the rectal method, act at the place of use and only in small quantities pass into the breast milk with blood.

What to use candles for lactation

Preparations for the treatment of hemorrhoids can be bought over the counter or online pharmacies, but using them without consulting a doctor can harm the health of the child. It is preferable to use homeopathic preparations based on natural components during breastfeeding. If the disease has entered the acute phase, conditionally safe agents containing acceptable doses of chemical active substances can be used for treatment. These, for example, include suppositories, the active substance of which is methyluracil.

Popular candles for nursing mothers

Long-term use by the mother of any drugs adversely affects the well-being of the child: he may develop: diathesis, allergic reactions, sleep disturbance, and nervous system disorder. Provided that the course of treatment lasts no more than seven days, the following drugs for hemorrhoids are shown to nursing mothers:

  • Natalside - based on brown seaweed;
  • Hepatrombin G - with heparin, which prevents the formation of blood clots;
  • Relief - fast-acting, effective for severe pain;
  • Anuzole - effective for severe bleeding;
  • Procto-Glivenol - eliminates venous congestive processes;
  • Homeopathic suppositories - act gently, do not cause unwanted effects.

Sea-buckthorn candles for breastfeeding

One of the few drugs that are allowed to be treated by a woman during pregnancy and lactation are sea buckthorn suppositories. They easily cope with inflammation of the intestines and vagina. Possessing regenerative properties, they can cure tissue damage, help with chronic constipation. Sea buckthorn oil is a source of vitamins and minerals, an antioxidant that prevents the formation of tumors.

With hemorrhoidal inflammation, sea buckthorn suppositories heal and disinfect wounds, reduce swelling of the nodes, mitigate itching, burning, and other symptoms of exacerbations of the disease. Shown as suppositories for hemorrhoids during breastfeeding and pregnancy, safe for the baby. Contraindicated in people suffering from diarrhea, sensitive to the components of the drug.

Hepatrombin G

One of the drugs of local action allowed for lactation in the treatment of hemorrhoids is Hepatrombin G, produced in the form of suppositories or ointments. It acts as an anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-exudative agent that accelerates tissue regeneration. Prevents the formation of blood clots, clots, reduces blood viscosity. Not recommended for bleeding, weak blood coagulation. Application may cause redness of the skin, itching. The drug is contraindicated in pregnancy and infectious diseases.

Relief Advance for Breastfeeding

Suppositories for hemorrhoids for nursing mothers Relief Advance contain benzocaine (10.3%) and shark liver oil (3%) as active substances. It has a wound healing, anesthetic, immunomodulatory effect, relieves inflammation with external and internal hemorrhoids, erosion and cracks in the anus, severe pain after surgery. Cocoa butter used for the base softens the effect of the drug. When breastfeeding is used with caution, only if the expected benefit to the mother exceeds the potential harm to the baby.


The natural component of Anuzol suppositories is thick belladonna extract, which reduces the tone of the muscles of the gastrointestinal tract, increasing the tone of the sphincter. It is a good antispasmodic, has an anti-inflammatory effect. As part of zinc sulfate and bismuth, tribromophenolate, have a disinfectant, antiseptic, drying properties. Inexpensive drug recommended for cracks and damage to the anus. Contraindicated in pregnant women with glaucoma, benign tumors, prostatic hypertrophy.


Active ingredients of Procto-Glivenol - tribenoside, which enhances the permeability of capillaries and increases vascular tone, lidocaine, which has an anesthetic effect, reduces the manifestation of symptoms caused by hemorrhoids. It has an anti-inflammatory effect. The result is achieved two hours after administration. It is metabolized in the liver, partially excreted in the urine. May cause itching. Contraindicated in liver failure, first trimester of pregnancy, immediately after birth. Use as suppositories for hemorrhoids during lactation with caution.

Homeopathic candles

Homeopathic medicines include suppositories for hemorrhoids based on natural ingredients. This group of medicines includes suppositories based on sea buckthorn, belladonna, propolis, sodium alginate (a natural substance based on brown algae). During lactation, such candles are a real find for women. They relieve inflammation, heal wounds, reduce pain and itching at different stages of the disease, without affecting the well-being of the child. These drugs include:

  • Anti-K - with tea tree oil;
  • Propolis DN - with propolis and cocoa butter;
  • Belladonna extract (belladonna);
  • Sea buckthorn candles.

Prohibited Drugs

It is strictly forbidden to use potent drugs that have reproductive toxicity, are absorbed in blood in large quantities for the treatment of hemorrhoids during breastfeeding, Their effect on the body is not external - the active substances are excreted in the feces and urine. These drugs can negatively affect a child’s health. These medicines include:

  • Ultraproct;
  • Betiol;
  • Nigepan.

Rules for the use and storage of candles

Introducing suppositories from hemorrhoids into the rectum during breastfeeding should be done at night, in the morning and after each bowel movement. The maximum number of suppositories per day for a nursing woman is 4 units, with an overdose, allergic reactions in mother and child are possible. Before use, it is necessary to carry out hygiene procedures. It is better to introduce a candle lying on its side, after the administration of the drug it is recommended to lie down for 15 minutes. It is necessary to store the preparations in a dry, dark place, the storage temperature is not higher than 25 degrees Celsius.


You can order suppositories for hemorrhoids during breastfeeding in online stores of any region. Their catalogs represent a wide range of drugs recommended for use during lactation. On the pages of the online store you can find reviews of customers who have already used candles to treat hemorrhoids. Prices in different regions differ, the average price in the Moscow region is presented in the table:

The name of the drug

Amount in a package

Cost (rubles)

Hepatrombin G















Sea buckthorn candles



Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for independent treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give recommendations for treatment based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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