Leather bracelets for men and women

Buying a leather bracelet in 2019 is a must-have, because this product has not been trending for the first year, and it is in demand both in women's fashion and in men: thin, wide, with or without metal inserts, these accessories attract attention and also display character of the owner. Appearance can be any, the main thing is that the jewelry should be made of quality materials and not harm health.

What are leather bracelets

This versatile product can appeal to both lovers of dressing in a classic style, and those who are used to stand out from the crowd with an extravagant appearance. Leather is a noble, affordable material, which, thanks to modern processing, can be given any texture or color. Needleworkers can make such a decoration even on their own, only a weaving scheme is needed. Benefits of leather bracelets:

  • are cheap;
  • easy to manufacture;
  • suit any style.


Fashionable bracelets made of leather are smooth and woven (in one or more layers). In addition, they vary in size and color. This is a rough classification, since there are many subspecies of these accessories, in addition, designers release new models every season. In general, there are women's and men's bracelets made of leather. More details about them in the sections below.

Men's leather bracelets

Leather is a universal material. Used for masculine jewelry, it emphasizes the masculinity of the wearer. For the manufacture of using its various types. For example, the latest novelty of designers is a stingray leather bracelet. The material is processed so that the finished product is poured in the sun. In general, there are:

  • simple wide - look the most brutal of all, especially if made of black leather;
  • thin braided or multilayer - in this case, exotic leather (python, stingray) is often used;
  • decorated - for men's accessories it is often a large symbolism of masculinity (animal heads made of steel, wood) or chains.

With steel

Accessories with metal inserts emphasize the individuality of the man. Leather and steel are a very brutal combination, even if the decoration is thin and the decor is barely noticeable. Elegant products will become a stylish accessory for business men, and metal spikes are permissible for those who dress freely and are not connected by a dress code. A bracelet with a steel clasp is a great gift as it is universal. If you don’t know what to choose for your man, take this kind of jewelry, preferably from genuine soft leather.

With gold

Gold is most successfully combined with warm shades, therefore, inserts from it are made for bracelets of red or brown color. If the items are not made of jewelry, such accessories are expensive (although there are occasional sales), therefore they are produced for the premium class. Noble materials for decor are used by well-known brands, for example, gold is in the jewelry of Pandora (Pandora) and recently popular Sunlight (Sunlight).

Leather bracelets for women

Designers use special techniques to make leather bracelets for women look elegant. They do not have decor like anchors, like men's jewelry, and less wide models. The most popular option is as thin as a lace, an accessory that suits any style of clothing. Belt models with gold-plated buckles or bracelets with magnetic fasteners are also in demand. But for those girls who want to stand out, manufacturers produce exclusive and copyright collections.

Ethnic style

They belong to the boho style popular this year - the modern evolution of hippy images. For the manufacture of used leather shoelaces-strips of different colors that are woven into one accessory, wood inserts, suede. They are also decorated with beads. This variety includes shambhala bracelets and most of the hand-made products (handmade). They are often sold at fairs, and they can also be ordered in online stores.

With natural stones

Such instances look luxurious. Depending on the stone, the style of the leather bracelet ranges from ethnic to feminine. In addition, decor and design matter. Natural materials, such as wood, look simpler, and noble metals enhance the effect of luxury. Leather bracelets with natural stones and gold / silver are equated with status items.

Types of skin

It was already mentioned above that designers are experimenting not only with models, but also with the types of leather for bracelets. They are as follows:

  • rough species - shabrack or crust, more often for male models; if you want to buy a men's leather bracelet on your hand that would emphasize brutality, choose it;
  • exotic - python, ostrich, stingray;
  • bovine skin - a classic look, called "angus";
  • leatherette - more often used for wicker patterns.

Color schemes

Black leather is a classic, but besides it there are so many variations and shades of colors that can help stand out from the crowd. How they look - you can see in the photo, but what does each of them mean?

  • brown - practicality, peace, comfort, home;
  • green is the color of life, freshness, hope, material well-being;
  • white - truth, simplicity, decency;
  • gray - maturity, stability;
  • yellow - a friendly, sunny shade;
  • red is the color of love and passion, but if you go too far with it, it will be associated with danger;
  • blue - confidence, honesty, intelligence;
  • orange - creativity and new beginnings;
  • purple - mystery, mysticism, wisdom, luxury.

What to wear

Thin accessories combine with jewelry. If they have a minimal finish and do not have a lot of accents, they are worn by adherents of a classic business style. Wide bracelets are more suitable for “casual” images, they are successfully combined with a watch. Ethnic jewelry is worn on both wrists, combined with maxi and midi length tops and skirts. Semi-precious stone inlaid bracelets look good with rings.

The perfect combination: leather laces with gloves from the same combination. For the cold seasons, this is a wonderful solution, given that it is problematic to wear jewelry in the fall / winter. Such narrow accessories will suit also for everyday outfits. Dark bracelets with metal inserts will complement the image with a light dress - this deliberate contrast of tenderness and rudeness is more relevant in 2019 than ever.

How to store

A universal accessory is important to store properly. Especially if the purchase is expensive and of high quality. The storage rules for leather bracelets are as follows:

  • at room temperature;
  • in a dry place;
  • protect from direct sunlight;
  • periodically use special fluids that give the skin shine;
  • if the coating is lacquered - store in a casket separate from the rest of the jewelry so as not to scratch;
  • do not leave overnight on hand.

Popular manufacturers

One of the most famous manufacturers of bracelets that provide their products to the Russian market is Pandora / Pandora and Sunlight / Sunlight. Other well-known foreign brands are SJW, Zaeda, Cerruti 1881, Baldessarini, Police. They have relatively expensive prices, but there are discounts and promotions. In order not to accidentally buy a fake, it is better to take directly from the manufacturer or official suppliers.

DIY leather bracelet

It is not necessary to lay out a round sum to be in trend. Leather stylish and fashionable accessory can be made with your own hands. Of the tools and materials you need:

  • leather;
  • decor elements - metal spikes, rivets, fasteners;
  • hole punch and scissors;
  • clamps or pliers and a hammer;
  • 2 hours time.

Pre-measure the length of the wrist with a centimeter, prepare all the necessary materials indicated in the list above. Getting started:

  1. Select the desired shape, cut out the base for it.
  2. Wrap your skin around your wrist, carefully pierce with a pin the place where the buttons will be.
  3. Remove the base from your hand.
  4. Pull the pins, take a hole punch, make holes in the marked places.
  5. Take the plastic base for the button, insert the upper part into it.
  6. Attach it to the hole with a hammer.
  7. Using the plastic base, insert the lower part (in order not to be mistaken, follow the photo instructions).
  8. In the same way add more buttons / rivets to decorate the product.
  9. Done!


For an ordinary bracelet, you need to cut the base out of leather. For wicker - you need a ribbon. How to make a product yourself:

  1. Measure the desired length (wrap the wrist several times).
  2. Cut a few strips (the amount depends on the weaving pattern).
  3. Put next to it, fix it with a special clip, clothespin or pliers.
  4. Braid the braid according to any scheme (the simplest one can).
  5. Put on the arm, measure the length and cut off the excess.
  6. Clamp the other side.
  7. To put on a fastener.
  8. Done!

Care Tips

The list below contains general guidelines for caring for a stylish accessory. Detailed instructions on how to clean the bracelet from dirt in the section below. How to keep:

  • avoid getting wet;
  • if the bracelet is wet, dry only at room temperature;
  • clean with damp cloths;
  • use a special skin cream / varnish to restore the product from cracks and scuffs.

How to clean

Just rinse the jewelry - you can not, because the skin needs to be protected from moisture, and so you only ruin the product. Use cotton pads, liquid soap, and any material care product. Follow this instruction:

  1. Use a dry disk to remove surface contaminants.
  2. Blot a new disk, drop with soap, carefully wipe both sides of the product.
  3. Take some more cotton wool, pat it with warm water.
  4. Wipe off any remaining detergent.
  5. Lay the product on a clean and dry paper towel, away from direct sunlight.
  6. Wait 10-15 minutes until it dries.
  7. Take a specialized conditioner for genuine leather, use it according to the instructions for the tool.


Finding and buying a leather product is now no problem. You can order on the Internet and receive by mail (some sites even have free delivery), or go to any of the accessories stores in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities. In the table below you can see where and for how much such bracelets are sold. The price is indicated for the Moscow region.

The brand

Women's bracelet, minimum price, rubles

Male, minimum price, rubles



1 495

Sunlight (Sunlight)

69 (90% off)

199 (90% off)


1 040

1 500

Cerruti 1881





2 870

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