A-line skirt: what to wear and how to sew

For several decades, some things do not lose their relevance and do not go out of fashion. One of the most striking examples is the trapeze skirt. This product is present in the wardrobe of almost every woman. Such a thing is sewn from almost any fabric, there are no restrictions on its length or color. Depending on the performance, it can become part of a fashionable image in any style.

Features of the A-Line Skirt

The first such things appeared back in the 60s of the twentieth century. A trapeze is an A-line skirt that fits around your waist and expands to the floor. It is made of almost any fabric, can have a mini, midi or maxi length. Suitable for creating many images in different styles. There are no restrictions on the color of the product. Things are dark, light, bright, plain or with a print, decorated with decorative elements: ruffles, inserts, rivets, stripes.

To whom it goes

Trapeze will not sit successfully on every girl. Choosing such a skirt, you need to take into account the features of your figure. Some helpful suggestions:

  1. The trapezoid ideally sits on the owners of the “inverted triangle” figure. It makes the body more proportional, emphasizing the waist and visually adding the missing volume to the narrow hips.
  2. It is allowed to wear a trapezoid for girls with a "triangle" figure. They need to pay attention to options of medium length. This will help visually lengthen the legs and hide the massive hips.
  3. Owners of the figure "apple" can pay attention to the classic trapezium up to the middle of the calf. She will balance the forms.
  4. Girls with an asthenic physique can take any A-length skirt in length with large patterns, horizontal stripes. They visually add volume to the hips. Vertical patterns must be avoided, this will stretch the already thin body.
  5. A model with a smell will suit both full and slender girls. This decorative element perfectly masks the flaws of the figure.
  6. The hip style is best worn only for those girls who have a very slim figure.
  7. A short woman with a miniature physique will suit shortened mini. They emphasize the grace of the figure.
  8. A medium-length trapezoid is perfect for any physique. She can hide almost any flaws.

How to wear a trapeze skirt

It is important not only to choose a thing that is ideally suited to the figure, but also to harmoniously fit it into the image. What you can wear with a trapeze skirt:

  1. To create a romantic image, a trapeze should be combined with a T-shirt, a strap top, a T-shirt. An indispensable feature is the fitted silhouette and a deep neckline in these products.
  2. Shoes should be selected taking into account the length of clothing and the general direction of the outfit. The shorter the trapezoid, the higher the heel should be.
  3. For a walk it is better to choose shoes with flat soles: sandals, ballet shoes.
  4. Under a very short denim skirt, you can wear strict silk blouses, loose tops that do not emphasize the chest. Shoes should not be defiant. Knitted sweaters, tight knit sweaters, thin pullovers are perfect. Shoes - classic ballet shoes, wedge sandals. Grunge style lovers should take a closer look at the rude boots.
  5. Leather - can be combined with a classic blouse, turtleneck, thin sweater on the figure. The image will be business. It can be supplemented with a dull cardigan or jacket.
  6. If you choose an image for work or study, put on the simplest possible trapeze to the knee, pumps, a strict blouse or shirt. Throw on a fitted jacket or jacket from above.
  7. A trapezoidal skirt made of linen, wool, cotton, denim, silk and any other fabric is suitable for casual style. You need to combine it with sports or just comfortable casual shoes. The top should be selected depending on the case. For a casual meeting with friends, a concise top, T-shirt or t-shirt is suitable. On a date, it is better to choose a tight-fitting blouse.
  8. A sporty look will turn out if you put on a short skirt with moccasins, light sneakers. As the top, you can choose a free top, T-shirt, T-shirt, sweater, T-shirt, windbreaker, light sweater. The main thing is that clothes do not hinder movements.
  9. For an evening outing, choose an elongated skirt, a tight-fitting top or a silk blouse, high-heeled shoes. If you have long dances, then you can choose shoes on a small wedge.

How to sew a trapeze skirt

Not always products on the market or in fashion stores are ideal. This is especially true for things for women with a non-standard figure. Do not despair in this case, because you can sew a trapeze skirt yourself. The process consists of several main stages:

  1. Take measurements. For sewing, you need three indicators: waist, hips and length. If the landing is underestimated, then another measure will be needed. Additional lines can be noted during the construction of parts.
  2. Fabric calculation. The trapezoid is cut along an oblique or shared thread. In the first case, she will lie in beautiful frills. In the second, the product will have slightly protruding sides. In the process of calculating the fabric, it is necessary to take into account its type and width of the canvas. If the canvas is one and a half meters along the shared thread and the ticking will go from the hip, then you will need a cut equal to the length of the finished product, plus 5 cm per belt and hem. If the cut is oblique, then 2 lengths of the product are needed.
  3. The construction of parts on the fabric. First you need to draw patterns on paper. Then the pattern is transferred to the fabric in compliance with the direction of the shared thread (it is the middle of the panel). Matter is folded in half inward with the front side, note the height. From the top, 20 cm are measured down, a quarter of the thigh circumference is laid down and a vertical line is drawn. Approximately 10 cm from the hips recede along the bottom line. The vertical is nullified. A quarter is laid on top of it, 3 cm are added to the tucks.

Cutting and stitching a trapeze skirt for a novice craftswoman will be relatively simple even in the absence of patterns. When performing this work, several features must be taken into account:

  1. The back panel must be built and cut so that it is approximately 1-1.5 cm wider than the front.
  2. Be sure to leave allowances for the processing of seams. If the fabric is loose, then 1.5 cm, and if tight or knitted - 0.7 cm.
  3. The hardest thing is to sew a clasp. If the product is tailored obliquely, then it is better to place it on the side, and if it is shared, then in the center, back or front.
  4. It is very important to process the bottom cut. When building from the middle to the sides, raise it by 1 cm. It is better to immediately process it with an overlock, iron the hem, fix with needles and only then make a seam. If it should be invisible, then you can use the glue web.
  5. For the belt, you need to cut a strip of fabric with a width of 5 cm. Length - waist volume and another 5 cm for lap. Having departed from the edge of 2.5 cm, the skirt is sewn to the part along the upper cut. The belt is turned inside out and the last line is laid.

Types of A-Line Skirts

Modern manufacturers offer a huge number of options for every taste. You can buy a trapeze skirt or order in the online store with home delivery by mail from Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other cities. The second option is very profitable, because on the network they often arrange promotions, sales, offer discounts. To make it easier for you to make the right choice, check out a few of the most popular product models.


The products that will be presented below are now more relevant than ever. For example, this option:

  • model name: Oodji, 4412632;
  • price: 1100 r.;
  • characteristics: light gray, made of artificial leather, with a zipper, side pockets at the seam, medium fit, for everyday wear, 46 cm;
  • pluses: high-quality, sits well on a figure, dense;
  • Cons: when walking, it rises slightly, it is impossible to iron.

The following product is made of eco-leather, which is characterized by high quality and wear resistance. Description:

  • model name: Vittoria Vicci, VI049EWXST42;
  • cost: 3000 r .;
  • characteristics: from soft eco-leather, black, without a pattern, fastens with a zipper at the back, two welt pockets on the sides;
  • pluses: stylish, practical, durable;
  • cons: none.

The trapezoid, the description of which is presented below, is made not of artificial, but of genuine leather:

  • model name: Vila, VI004EWVPF38;
  • price: 13500 r .;
  • Characteristics: made of genuine soft leather, black, with an elastic belt, fastens with a zipper at the back;
  • pluses: high-quality, sits well on the figure;
  • Cons: high cost.


Denim products are very practical, fit into many images. Now this option is very popular:

  • model name: Kling, 1179149;
  • price: 1635 r.;
  • characteristics: dark blue, with buttons, with patchpockets, midi, demi-season, set-in belt;
  • pluses: high-quality tailoring;
  • cons: there is a size mismatch.

The next model looks very interesting, decorative embroidery gives it a special originality. Description:

  • Model Name: Doctor E, 2267384;
  • price: 2000 r .;
  • characteristics: blue, with a zipper, on the back - 40 cm, decorated with embroidered inserts, demi-season;
  • pluses: dense, high-quality, sizes are well aligned, the fabric stretches a little;
  • cons: not found.

The skirt described below will appeal to any young girl:

  • model name: Tom Farr, 4105478;
  • price: 1820 p.;
  • characteristics: blue, with zipper and buttons, made of denim, decorated with inscriptions and scuffs, with patch pockets, medium fit;
  • pluses: stylish, quality sewn;
  • cons: malomerit.

With smell

If you are looking for a thing that could be worn both for work and for casual walks, take a look at the following:

  • model name: Ada Gatti, 3620923;
  • price: 2030 rubles;
  • characteristics: from dense polyester, dark gray, with a zipper, the length of the back 46 cm, knitted texture, welt pockets, medium fit, decorated with large round buttons, lined;
  • pluses: stylish, warm, fits into the office style;
  • cons: bolshemerit.

A medium-odor trapeze skirt should certainly be included in the women's wardrobe. This is perfect:

  • model name: Zendra, 2113150;
  • price: 1905 r.;
  • characteristics: from natural cotton, dark brown, on the back - 57 cm, with a zipper, with a decorative smell, welt pockets, demi-season;
  • pluses: beautiful, high-quality, slim, nice color;
  • cons: malomerit.

The following product is incredibly practical and durable, it looks very impressive. Description:

  • model name: Sevona, 2754203;
  • price: 1200 r.;
  • characteristics: black, from neoprene, with buttons, low rise, smooth texture;
  • pluses: stylish, hypoallergenic, almost does not get dirty and does not crease;
  • cons: not found.

With buttons

This model will be perfectly combined with a classic light shirt, blouse:

  • model name: Fasion.Love.Story, 3267520;
  • price: 2030 r.;
  • characteristics: burgundy, with buttons, made of wool and acrylic with the addition of cashmere, length along the back 45 cm, texture is smooth, on the yoke, medium fit, demi-season;
  • pluses: high-quality tailoring;
  • Cons: no pockets, very thin waist.

The next skirt looks very interesting, thanks to a deep unusual color. Description:

  • model name: Vlador, 4093783;
  • price: 1340 r.;
  • characteristics: purple, with buttons, smooth texture, - 44.5 cm, without pockets and cuts, medium fit, for everyday looks;
  • pluses: beautiful saturated color, dense fabric;
  • cons: puffs easily appear.

In the next skirt, you can safely go to meetings with friends and to the office. Description:

  • model name: Villagi, 4729173;
  • price: 2835 r.;
  • characteristics: burgundy, with buttons, the texture is smooth, no pockets, for everyday and office looks, the length of the back is 50 cm;
  • pluses: beautiful, high-quality, original buttons;
  • cons: not found.

On the hips

Low-waist skirts are rare, but look just fine. Great option:

  • model name: Yerse, 2279003;
  • price: 2060 r.;
  • characteristics: mustard color, understated fit, with a smell, rounded edges, zipped, mini, textile texture;
  • pluses: looks spectacular;
  • Cons: easily soiled.

The next low-rise product has an unusual color. Description:

  • model name: Anna Chapman, 4964701;
  • price: 5050 p.;
  • characteristics: fuchsia color, with a zipper, textile, patch pockets, mini, no cut, for everyday wear, low landing;
  • pluses: bright, sits well on the figure;
  • cons: not found.

The next skirt should appeal to women who adhere to the classic style of clothing. Description:

  • model name: Paul And Joe Sister, MISS;
  • price: 7770 r.;
  • characteristics: ecru pattern, made of three-color woven knitwear, fastens with a hidden zipper on the back, lined, length to the middle of the thigh;
  • pluses: stylish, warm, dense;
  • cons: expensive.

On an elastic band

Girls who love a sporty and free style should really like the following product. Description:

  • Model Name: Roxy, RO165EWVOH46;
  • price: 2460 p.;
  • characteristics: gray, in a sports style, made of neoprene, on an elastic belt with an elastic band, two welt pockets;
  • pluses: stylish, well erased;
  • cons: none.

The next skirt looks very original, perfect for warm summer evenings. Description:

  • model name: Bonprix Collection, 93029295;
  • price: 1290 p.;
  • characteristics: from soft knitwear, light olive, maxi length, with elastic waistband;
  • pluses: emphasizes the dignity of the figure, hides a massive bottom;
  • Cons: from thin material.

The following product is cheap, but looks great in combination with any top. Description:

  • model name: Quelle Sela, 1019994;
  • price: 600 p.;
  • characteristics: mini length, black, from monophonic elastane with imitation under the skin, with a waist elastic, two sewn pockets on the sides;
  • pluses: looks spectacular;
  • cons: not found.


Skirts made of light, flowing fabrics look great and fit into many images, especially summer ones. It would look great:

  • model name: L1FT, MP002XW1AXCJ;
  • price: 7490 r.;
  • characteristics: chiffon, blue, with an abstract pattern, with an elastic waistband, smooth lining, length below the knee;
  • pluses: looks impressive, light;
  • cons: crumpled.

The next maxi skirt will be one of the favorite things in your wardrobe. Description:

  • model name: Sun & Art, 3027514;
  • price: 2210 p.;
  • characteristics: green, with an abstract pattern, without a fastener, on an elastic waistband, length on the back 96 cm, unlined, average fit;
  • pluses: elegant, beautiful texture of the material;
  • cons: the fabric shines through.

Although the next miniskirt is expensive, it is very high quality and looks just amazing. Description:

  • model name: Twin-Set Jeans, 35345201VT;
  • price: 12250 p.;
  • Features: above the knee, light gray with a large floral print, without pockets, with an elastic belt, lined;
  • pluses: beautiful, suitable for many images;
  • cons: not found.

How to choose a trapeze skirt

Among the variety of things offered for sale, it is difficult to find one that will sit perfectly. The following recommendations will help you decide on a purchase:

  1. If your figure can hardly be called perfect, choose a pleated skirt.
  2. Mini-skirts are suitable only for slender girls of small stature with smooth legs. Maxi is a good length for ladies by any parameters. Midi is a good choice for women with a triangle shape.
  3. Denim skirts will fit perfectly in youth looks.
  4. A chiffon trapeze is a great option for summer. Such a product will be light and airy, well hide the flaws of the figure.
  5. Leather a-line skirts are very popular. They hold their shape perfectly, incredibly practical, suitable for creating any kind of image.
  6. Light options are appropriate in the warm season, and dark - in the cold.
  7. Products with patterns in a cage are suitable for creating conservative images.


Ira, 35 years old. A-line skirts are very suitable for me; there are five in my wardrobe. I am short, but slim, so they all do not reach the knee. My favorite is jeans, light blue. I wear it with cheerful bright T-shirts, tops. This skirt is ideal for creating youth images. It fits both sneakers, and ballet shoes, and stilettos.
Tanya, 26 years old Earlier, the trapeze looked strange to me, but after giving birth I recovered a bit and now they are sitting perfectly. From my wardrobe I can distinguish a leather skirt knee-length. She looks very stylish, suitable for creating democratic, strict images. I wear it with a light top: a classic shirt, a large knit sweater, a T-shirt.
Lilia, 31 years old. I have two a-line skirts: a long chiffon and a short knit. The first wear in the summer, the second at any time of the year. Knitted looks great with tight tights, shoes on low speed. From the top, almost everything suits her: sweaters, jumpers, shirts, shirts. Trapeze emphasize my figure, well distinguish the waist.

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