Fashionable women's jackets 2019

Every modern girl and woman strives for practical, comfortable and stylish things to be in her wardrobe. Not a single lady can do without such an item of women's wardrobe as a jacket. It is indispensable both in the cold season and on a warm summer night. Fashionable women's jackets 2019 are distinguished by a variety of models and a unique style. Which of them are popular this year?

Fashionable women's jackets 2019 with photo

In 2019, a special place is given to the sporty cut of jackets, as well as to many pockets, stripes and embellishments with which they are decorated. This is a real discovery. The photo shows the latest news.

Designers skillfully combine different materials, styles, and colors in fashionable women's jackets in 2019. The variety of materials is impressive. Models can be both shortened and fitted, tight-fitting silhouette, and free length to the middle of the thigh. It's a matter of taste. Each of them will emphasize your merits and make your look unique.

  • This year, a classic style is fashionable, which is distinguished by laconicism and austerity of colors. You will see such models in the photo below.

  • But along with them, stylish jackets with hoods and patch pockets of various shapes remain popular. They can be made both from thin fabric and from dense waterproof, which allows them to be worn in the rainy season.

  • Business women who love luxury in everything will give preference to a jacket-jacket with stylish stripes and fur, which will allow others to appreciate the originality of the taste of its owner.

  • Far from the first season, jackets without collars are also relevant. They create a stylish image and allow you to complement the image with such an accessory as a light scarf or scarf.

  • Outerwear of bright colors, which has additional elements shown in the photo, also remains a fashionable trend. Wearing such a jacket, you can not go unnoticed. Epaulettes, rivets and buckles will, as well as possible, successfully complement your image.

Fall winter season

Every woman wants to look stylish and perfect at any time of the year, even in cold, rainy autumn and frosty winter. Therefore, the models of women's jackets designed for these seasons are pleasing with their diversity and originality. Autumn season is usually accompanied by cold damp weather and strong winds. And the main function of autumn jackets becomes the creation of comfort and preservation from hypothermia.

A quilted outerwear on a synthetic winterizer will be an excellent solution. It can be made of fabric that does not allow cold and moisture to pass, and then dispel all the troubles that bad weather creates. For example, in the photo such models are presented in different colors and have additional elements - fur stripes, logos and a belt. You can wear this style of clothing not only in autumn, but also in winter, when frosts are not yet severe, or during the thaw.

And if you want your mood to be sunny even on a gray autumn day, pay attention to the bright model with unusual decor on the collar and sleeves, presented in the photo.

Spring-summer season

For the spring-summer season, jackets made of light fabric will be suitable. This is, first of all, outerwear made of leatherette. Such models usually have a short length and fit the figure, emphasizing its beauty. Most of them are concise, but some have a special decor - various badges, rivets and shoulder straps sewn on cuffs, elbows and shoulders. The lace patch is also relevant in the collection of 2019 models. Some of these models are shown in the photo.

An indispensable type of outerwear is a windbreaker. It is universal, because it can be worn - both in the cool spring season, and in the summer, when it will rain or get a little colder. It can have a different length, be light and insulated. Windbreakers made of corduroy, denim or nylon fabric remain fashionable, both on the lining, and without it. The lining is made of cotton, silk or synthetic material. It can be colorful.

The clasp is also varied. Windbreakers made of nylon and leatherette have a zipper, and velvet, suede items have a button closure.


Women's jackets made of genuine leather differ in style and grace, the collection of models of which is presented in a wide variety. This material is used with great pleasure by designers. Leather outerwear is always relevant. Such models look expensive and elegant. They do not get wet and are able to emphasize the dignity of your figure. Having bought a leather jacket, you can wear it for a long time. And she will remain your favorite wardrobe for several years.

Among the 2019 leather jackets are presented, both emphasizing the silhouette of the model, and loose, with magnificent sleeves and luxurious collars.

New leather products and stylist tips are presented in the video guide:

Leather jackets are the trends of 2014. GuberniaTV



Do not think that a denim jacket creates a simple image devoid of charm. Modern designers think through the styles of such models well, and therefore windbreakers made of jeans can make every woman bright, fashionable and elegant. Such models are usually suitable for all occasions. Cropped jeans are especially popular.

Women's down jackets-

Models of down jackets will allow you to stay on the wave of style in the frosty winter. Thanks to high-quality fabric, winter models are windproof and waterproof. But this does not mean that such models are baggy and devoid of style. Most styles of down jackets have a belt that tightens at the waist. Many of them have the logo of the manufacturer, as an additional element of decor.

A hood with sewn fur frames the face beautifully. If desired, the fur is easily detachable. Models of winter jackets are also presented in different colors.

Popular among women are shortened models of down-fitting down jackets that have spacious tailoring and hide flaws. They are suitable for full girls and women, ladies of mature age.

You can find out more about the winter collection in this video:

Stylish Women's Jackets - Video catalog Winter 2014


Elegant models of jackets this year have a diverse design. They have a fitted and straight cut. Actual products with wide shoulders, large collars and a biker asymmetric clasp.

The most important elements of the decor of modern models are the collar and pockets. With the help of a collar, the image acquires a special style. Pockets can be both patchpockets, and secret or pro-carved. Fashion designers use embroidery, sequins, rhinestones in their latest products. They may also have torn patches on the armpits or on the sleeves. Some of these models are shown in the photo.

A collection of elegant jackets is presented in the video:

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The neglect of sports jackets is unjustified, unless this applies to women who prefer luxurious and elegant things. But sports style in the modern world is especially relevant. Fashion designers assigned him a special place. This is a favorite style of women leading an active lifestyle.

Models of such sports windbreakers are mostly designed for everyday wear. Modern models are endowed with special elements that can distinguish a woman from the crowd. Such jackets are made of thick wool or canvas. They can also be sewn from camouflage. Products are characterized by conciseness of details, the presence of elastic bands on the sleeves and underneath of clothes and rough front seams.

Modern models of jackets are so diverse that every woman can find among them a product that will appeal to her. Please note that the emphasis this year is on extraordinary elements of decor. It can be lace and velvet inserts, unusual cuffs, trim on pockets or collar.

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