Onion hair mask - recipes and reviews

Onion is one of the most famous folk remedies in medicine. In its action, it resembles an antibiotic: the beneficial substances and vitamins contained in a vegetable can neutralize pathogenic microbes, improve metabolism, accelerate recovery in the treatment of gastritis and rheumatism, psoriasis. The plant also finds application in cosmetology: onion hair mask - a recognized home remedy for baldness. Let's learn how to use onions for cosmetic purposes to grow and strengthen hair.

The use and application of onions for hair

In addition to vitamins A, PP, C, B, the vegetable contains such useful substances as volatile, citric, malic acid, nitrogen compounds, silicon, sulfur, cobalt, zinc, iodine, and many other substances and compounds. Onion juice accelerates the growth of strands, helps to strengthen and restore damaged follicles and bulbs. We recommend that you make onion hair masks to get rid of dandruff.

With regular use of the product based on onion juice, the condition of the hair improves significantly, natural shine and health return to them. But if the condition of the hair does not cause concern, they have not yet begun to fall out, cosmetologists still recommend not to stop caring for them. The onion mixture is perfect for this.

Homemade Onion Mask Recipes

Recipes of mixtures based on onions and their husks are simple to prepare, any girl can easily cope with this task. The result of the procedure will be guaranteed if all components are mixed correctly. For a lasting effect, the application of the mixture should be repeated 15-20 times in a row with an interval of several days.

With garlic for hair growth

A special effect is distinguished by an onion mask with the addition of garlic juice. Already after the first procedures, baldness will greatly decrease, and at the end of the course, the scalp will completely recover. The action of the onion hair mask is aimed at restoring damaged follicles.

We will need:

  • Garlic and onion juice - 40 grams each.
  • Burdock oil, cognac - 20 grams each.
  • One yolk.

Preparation and use:

  1. Mix the components.
  2. We apply mass on the head.
  3. Stand for 30 minutes.

With kefir against loss

We recommend this recipe to those girls who cannot stand the smell of vegetables. Kefir absorbs essential oils, and after washing off the strands have a less sharp smell. Kefir-onion mixture has a pleasant consistency. The finished mass is applied to a clean head, after the procedure, the hair should be rinsed without using shampoo.

We will need:

  • Kefir, onion juice in a ratio of 1 to 1.
  • Yolk - 1 piece.

Preparation and use

  1. Mix the components.
  2. We apply mass on the head.
  3. Stand for 30 minutes.

With honey

This recipe is used by both women and men. Onions in combination with honey have a strengthening effect on the roots and scalp. The tool is not recommended for people suffering from allergies to honey. Do not use shampoo to rinse the mixture.

We will need:

  • Onions (juice) - four teaspoons.
  • Honey - one teaspoon.

Preparation and use

  1. Mix the components.
  2. We apply mass on the head.
  3. Stand for 30 minutes.

Onion peel

In addition to gruel and onion juice, vegetable husks are also used to care for strands. To enhance the beneficial properties of onion peels, honey and burdock oil are added to the mixture. The main plus of this recipe is that it is suitable for any type of hair, oily, dry, thin. Husk in combination with honey prevents loss, adds splendor and volume.

We will need:

  • Honey, onion husk - 25 grams each.
  • Burdock oil - 50 grams.
  • Boiling water - three tablespoons.

Preparation and use

  1. Insist husk in boiling water for about 60 minutes.
  2. Strain, mix with other components.
  3. Mix the components.
  4. We apply mass on the head.
  5. Stand for 20 minutes.

With the addition of sage essential oil

Onion juice in combination with essential oils is an excellent tool for preventing baldness. This tool is used if the loss has already begun. To increase effectiveness, vitamin A is added to the mixture. When applying the product, pay special attention to the roots.

We will need:

  • Castor, olive, burdock oil, onion juice, pepper vodka - one tablespoon each.
  • Sage, ylang-ylang oil - 3 drops each.
  • Sage oil - 5 drops.
  • Yolk - 1 piece.

Preparation and use

  1. Mix the yolk with onion juice, vegetable oils, pepper.
  2. Add essential oils.
  3. Rub the mixture.
  4. Hold for 1 hour.
  5. Wash off with warm water.


Elena, 32 years old: - “During gestation, and especially after childbirth, I began baldness. On the brush, in the bathroom after bathing, I saw a lot of hair fell out. I had to take urgent measures. I decided to try a mask of onion peel and burdock oil. I’ve been using the recipe for several weeks now, baldness has almost stopped, I hope that it will stop completely and damaged hair will recover. ”

Zinaida, 47 years old: - “I learned from the Internet that onion-honey mask is used against baldness. She helped me, however, I did not immediately believe in it, because after the first five procedures I did not notice much effect. But I decided to continue the session, and completed a course of 20 procedures that I performed every two days. What can I say: after a few weeks I did not find any signs of baldness. ”

Inna, 28 years old: - “On the advice of a friend I began to use an onion mask, no matter how I tried other means, nothing helped. Even expensive drugs from the pharmacy were powerless. I approached the matter responsibly: I did not skip the procedure, did them every other day, only 25. I filtered the onion juice so that it was clean. She put a hat on her head, and additionally wrapped it in a towel. Within two weeks, my hair condition improved significantly. ”

Natalia, 38 years old: - “I have known about the benefits of onion hair masks for a long time, and the other day I decided to use one of the recipes. After some time, the condition of my hair really improved, but then the experiments came to an end. The boss at work made a remark to me about the smell of onions, and advised me to choose another care product. I had to temporarily stop the procedure until the odor is completely weathered. ”

Common questions

  • Is an onion-based mask effective? Onions are a popular remedy. Many of those who have used any recipe for an onion hair mask confirm its effectiveness.
  • Are the components expensive, is it easy to make a mask? Preparing the right mixture is not difficult, all components are inexpensive.
  • Will the mask harm the pregnant woman and the fetus? All components of onion hair masks are of natural origin, so women use them during pregnancy.
  • How to eliminate onion "flavor"? Strong odor is the main disadvantage of using onions. To eliminate odor after applying an onion hair mask, we recommend taking the following measures:

  1. To prepare the mixture, use onion juice, not gruel.
  2. Rinse the mixture off not with hot, but with warm water.
  3. After the procedure, applying the product based on onion juice, we recommend applying kefir to the hair.
  4. To eliminate the pungent odor, rinse your hair after the procedure with infusions of medicinal herbs - chamomile, burdock, nettle, sage.

Is it possible to leave the onion mask at night

For the substances contained in the onion and other components of the mixture to work, it takes only an hour. On average, the duration of the mixture is 20-60 minutes, this is enough to achieve the desired effect. For this reason, they do not leave her at night. If you leave it at night, the smell of onions is soaked into the hair that it will be difficult to get rid of it.

How to make such masks

We recommend that you include 30-35 procedures in the course, the interval between which is one to two days. If the desired effect is achieved earlier than after 30 procedures, masks are no longer used. After two to three months, the course is allowed to be repeated. Within one year, more than three courses are not recommended. If during the procedure there is a burning sensation or discomfort, it is better to stop it and rinse the mixture with warm water.

Women who got rid of the manifestations of baldness with a tool such as an onion hair mask believe that they were not wasting time on procedures: the condition of the hair improved significantly, they became shiny and healthy. Using an onion hair mask is also justified in case of hair loss. A video on the topic will tell how useful this folk remedy is.

Photos before and after applying the onion mask

Watch the video: DIY Onion Hair Mask. Promote Hair growth (February 2020).