Fufanon - instructions for use and reviews

Broad-spectrum insecticide Fufanon belongs to organophosphorus agents with contact, intestinal and fumigant actions. It is used to control pests of vegetables, fruits and berries. The drug is an analogue of Karbofos, manufactured by the Danish company Keminova. Read its instructions for use.

Composition and form of release

Fufanon herbicide is available as an emulsion. Its composition:

The concentration of malathion (active substance)

470 or 570 g / kg.


Transparent light yellow liquid.


Ampoules of 5 ml, bottles of 10 ml, plastic canisters of 5 liters. Each package is provided with instructions for use.

Properties and mechanism of action

Fufanon is an oily emulsion that is poorly soluble in water. The active component of malathion is less toxic, but is close in effect to kalbofos. This organophosphorus compound acts on harmful insects through direct contact, ingestion or poisoning in pairs. The substance inhibits the enzyme acetylcholinesterase, resulting in a failure of the transmission of nerve impulses, paralysis and death of the parasite.

The fumigation properties of the drug increase the effectiveness of contact and intestinal reactions, after an hour the pests lose their ability to eat, and after a day they are completely paralyzed. Damp weather, the mature age of beetles can slow down the biochemical effect of the product, so when processing it is necessary to achieve uniform fine spraying. In the field, pest protection lasts 2 weeks after treatment, indoors - up to 3 weeks.

Indications for use

Fufanon has a wide range of uses. The instruction highlights the following indications:

  • fight against aphids, ticks, weevils, thrips, fireworms, moths, insects, leafworms, moths, cockroaches, bugs;
  • the destruction of copper flocks, gall midges, sawflies, moths, scale insects, scoops, scale insects, whites, pseudoscapules, raspberry beetles, flies, whiteflies, ants, bedbugs;
  • processing of winter wheat, peas, sugar beets, sunflowers, cabbage, hops, apple trees, raspberries, plums;
  • protection from pests of vineyards, melons, watermelon, poppy seeds, flour in bags, mushrooms, unloaded warehouse.

Dosage and administration

To process plants, you need to prepare a solution of Fufanon. To do this, 5 ml of the drug is dissolved in 1-2 liters of water, mix well and bring the volume to 5 liters. A freshly prepared solution is used to spray plants in the morning or evening in dry weather without wind. The waiting period after disinfection for manual work will be 10 days, for mechanized (in hectares of fields) - 4 days.

The consumption rate of the drug when processing different cultures:



Consumption, l

Time of processing

Apple tree, cherry, pear, cherry, plum, quince

Cherry fly, leafworm, weevils, moth, sawflies, ticks, scale insects

2-5 per tree


Currants, gooseberries

Aphids, leafworm, bud moth, sawflies, scale insects, gall midges

1-1.5 per bush


Whitefly, Ticks, Worms

2-5 per tree

Before flowering and after harvest

Blackberry, raspberry, coriander

Ticks, raspberry beetle, strawberry or raspberry weevil, aphid

2 to 10 bushes


Mealybug, spider mite

2-5 per bush


Wild strawberry

Whitefly, spider mite, raspberry and strawberry weevils, sawflies

5 to 10 square meters

Melon watermelon

Aphids, gourds, ticks, melon fly

Roses, flowering shrubs

Spider mite, aphid, rodent sawfly

1.5 to 10 square meters

Flower crops

Thrips, aphids, ticks


Aphids, whites, bugs, moths, flies, dustpan

1 per 10 square meters


Spider mite, aphid, whitefly

1-3 per 10 square meters

Peppers, cucumbers

Sprout fly, aphid, thrips, spider mite

1-1.5 per 10 square meters

In protected ground for cucumbers, the maximum number of treatments will be 1, for tomatoes - 3, in open ground for other crops - 2. Last treatment in open ground is carried out 20 days before harvesting, in protected ground - 5 days. To protect against bugs, Fufanon is bred in a proportion of 1.5-3.5 ml per liter of water, for cockroaches and ants - 9-11 ml per liter. The emulsion is fed to plants and indoors from a spray bottle using a soft brush. The consumption rate per square meter is 100 ml.

When processing with the help of premises, attention is paid to hard-to-reach places, baseboards, crevices. Carefully need to process furniture, behind carpets, paintings, in place of exfoliated wallpaper. With a large population of parasites in the house, the procedure can be repeated after 3-4 days. Advantages of Fufanon:

  • wide spectrum of action;
  • greater efficiency in relation to many herbivorous pests;
  • the result is visible in a day;
  • there is no unpleasant odor after treatment;
  • the solution is easy to prepare;
  • low consumption when processing trees;
  • universality (suitable for fruits, berries, vegetables, indoor, flowering and decorative crops);
  • has the effect of fumigation;
  • affordable price.

Precautionary measures

The instruction for the use of Fufanon states that the product is moderately dangerous (grade 3) and toxic, dangerous for bees, but not phytotoxic. Precautions when working with it:

  1. The preparation and empty containers from it must not be allowed to enter water bodies, because it is dangerous for fish and other aquatic organisms.
  2. Work with the drug in special clothing, gloves, glasses and a respirator.
  3. During spraying, you should not eat, drink, smoke, take alcohol.
  4. Work with the product should not take more than 3 hours.
  5. The capacity of the drug is prohibited to throw in landfills, in ponds, use for other purposes. After use, it is burned without inhaling smoke.
  6. After using the product, the sprayer is thoroughly washed.
  7. If the drug gets into your eyes, they must be washed with plenty of running water. If it gets on your skin, wipe it with a clean cloth and rinse with soap.
  8. If the pesticide gets inside, the stomach is washed, activated charcoal or caffeine is taken (3-5 tablets per glass of water) and consult a doctor. Signs of poisoning: nausea, cramps, general weakness, impaired coordination of movement.
  9. The insecticide retains protective properties in the room for up to 4 weeks, but under the influence of light loses them.
  10. Protective clothing should be removed only after processing, hands should be washed with soap, rinse mouth, and wash.
  11. After processing, the bees are limited in flight because the chemical is highly toxic.

Interaction with other means

According to the instructions for use, the interaction of Fufanon with other insecticides is prohibited. Particularly dangerous combinations of the product with oils, Bordeaux mixture, mineral sulfide fertilizers, alkaline preparations, products based on copper and calcium.

Terms of sale and storage

The drug should be kept away from children, medicines, food in a dark place at a temperature of minus 30 to plus 30 degrees. Shelf life is 2 years from the date of manufacture.


Fufanon can be replaced with agents with the same composition or other active ingredients, but from the group of insecticides. The analogues of the drug are:

  • Avidust - anti-pediculosis drug containing malathion;
  • Atlant - an insecticidal solution with the same active compound;
  • Karbofos - a drug for treating plants with the same component composition;
  • Pedilin is an insecticidal agent based on malathion.

Fufanon Price

Depending on the form of release of the product and the volume of the container, the cost of Fufanon differs. In Moscow, approximate prices will be:

Type of preparation, container volume

Internet price tag, rubles

The cost in the store, rubles

Fufanon 5 L



Fufanon Super 1 L



Super Fufanon from bugs 1 l




Dmitry, 57 years old. Every spring I struggle with aphids that settle on currants and gooseberries. So that the pest does not spoil the bushes, I process them using the drug Fufanon. This is a powerful tool, so you have to carefully protect yourself when using it. After processing, already about a day later, insects disappear and do not appear until the very autumn.
Anna, 42 years old On my roses, growing on the balcony, ticks regularly settle. What I just have not tried, nothing helps. In the garden store, I was advised by Fufanon nova for indoor plants, I obeyed and began to use it according to the instructions. Three days after the treatment, ticks disappeared, roses feel great, grow and bloom!

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