Cherry Spanque - All About Variety

Summer is a time of juicy, aromatic fruits, berries, vegetables. The features of cherry buns with the benefit and harm, the effect on the human body are known, because it is common in our gardens. Stone fruits have a great taste. Frozen cherries and treat your loved ones the whole winter with aromatic drinks. The deliciously prepared liquor prepared by you in advance will be a wonderful addition to the festive table. Recipes for making juice, other useful information about this gift of nature, you will learn by reading the article.

Description of the variety of cherry Spanka

Among the varieties of fruit trees, cherries should be considered several popular species: dwarf, Bryansk, early. All of them have their own characteristics, differ slightly in taste, appearance, size of berries. Have different varieties on the plot or prefer one? See descriptions and choose:

  • Dwarf cherry-span - the result of a successful crossing of cherries and cherries. The main advantages of a dwarf bobbin are its taste, resistance to severe frost (-35 ° C). This variety of cherries takes root well in the suburbs. The fruits are dark red in color, about 1 cm in diameter. The shape is round, slightly flattened. A small bone is simply separated from the pulp. Gardeners receive a harvest of fruits 5 years after the tree has been planted. In the care of this cherry is not demanding - plant a tree on a site with good access to light, fertile soil.

  • Breeding work to improve the fruit tree does not stop. Relatively recently, the world saw the Donetsk and Bryansk varieties. The main advantages of Donetsk (early) are the size of the berries (their weight reaches 12 g), fast fruit ripening, and resistance to temperature changes. The breeder M. Kanshina worked on creating a Bryansk skank. Berries weigh up to 5 g, have a pleasant taste, are well stored. This grade of bobbin is resistant to diseases, pests, and severe frosts.

What is the use of berries of cherry Spanka

These red fruits are useful for the body, it is not for nothing that they are so loved in the eastern countries, considering that they have all the healing vitamins and minerals. The composition of cherries contains tannins, fructose, glucose, and pectin. A substance called coumarin helps reduce blood clotting, resulting in a reduced risk of blood clots. Alanganic acid blocks the development of cancer cells. Anthocyanins prevent cell aging processes, increase the general tone of capillaries. The effect of bobbin on the body:

  • Prevents thrombosis, heart attacks, strokes, atherosclerosis.
  • Improves brain function ...
  • Normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • It has an expectorant effect, is used to treat bronchitis.
  • It has an antipyretic effect.
  • Slows down the rate of sucrose absorption in diabetes.
  • Stops bleeding.
  • It fights obesity.
  • Helps reduce uric acid levels in the body.
  • Cleanses the liver from toxins.

Prevention of thrombosis and cardiovascular disease

Cherry is an excellent prophylactic for cardiovascular diseases. The active substances of the bobbin tone, strengthen blood vessels, reduce high blood pressure. Berries in different types (fresh, in compotes, frozen) prevent the formation of blood clots on the walls of blood vessels. Experts noted that people who regularly eat cherries have a significantly lower risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. If you have hypertension, eat fresh fruits regularly, because it normalizes blood pressure and protects against the onset of a heart attack.

Effective expectorant

Not only cardiovascular diseases are cured by cherries. The pronounced expectorant effect of the bun is relieves the symptoms of coughing. Fresh, dried or dried berries are recommended for bronchitis. Dried fruits are an excellent remedy for fever, inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract. If you have a cold, the temperature has risen sharply, just eat cherries, because this is an excellent antipyretic.

Normalization of intestinal motility

Spanka has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract. Fresh fruits without processing act as a mild laxative, normalizing intestinal motility. If you have chronic constipation, eat a handful of fresh or frozen berries daily. For stomach ulcers, take a decoction of cherry bark. Pre-grind the product, 1 tsp. pour a glass of water, simmer for 10 minutes, remove from heat, let it brew for 30 minutes, strain. Drink a decoction in a glass every day.

Increased hemoglobin in the blood

A very serious problem of the modern generation is anemia. This applies to children and pregnant women. A child with low hemoglobin often gets sick, gets tired quickly, complains of headaches. In pregnant women with anemia, fetal development slows down, the risk of miscarriage increases. Often people choose the simple way - to order expensive, ineffective drugs, without even realizing that cherries increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood. The effect is achieved due to the presence of iron and folic acid in the berries.

Improving metabolic processes

The state of health, appearance and mood depend on how well metabolism occurs in our body. Cherry juice improves metabolic processes, significantly strengthens, tones the body. According to reviews of people, cherries contribute to weight loss. The calorie content of fresh berries is 52 kcal per 100 grams, besides, the bacon has a low glycemic index of 22. For effective weight loss, include in your usual diet 1 cup of cherries every other day, it will speed up metabolism, relieve accumulated fluid in the body and toxins.

Useful properties of leaves and stalks

Not only the fruits of cherries benefit a person. The leaves of the bobbin have an antiseptic effect, so they are used in cooking, folk medicine, and the stalks remove the accumulated fluid from the body.

  • In order to relieve swelling, prepare vitamin tea. Take 1 tsp. fresh leaves and stalks, pour 300 ml of hot water, let it brew for 20 minutes. Drink the finished infusion of 1 tsp. during the day. This vitamin tea is recommended for people with cardiovascular diseases, with uterine bleeding and dysentery.
  • Do you have the flu, or maybe a sore throat? The leaves of the buns will help if you make a decoction of them. Add a handful of washed leaves to a glass of boiling water, boil for five minutes. Leave to cool. Drink in small portions all day.
  • You can easily stop the nose from bleeding using fresh cherry leaves. Mash them to get juice, and then use it a couple of drops in each nostril.
  • A decoction of the stalk is used to treat arthritis and arthrosis. making compresses. A glass of boiling water requires one and a half tablespoons of the box and the stalk.

Hemostatic effect of the infusion

Cherry leaves normalize the process of coagulation of human blood. Coumarins and oxycoumarins, which are contained in this useful plant, have a hemostatic effect. People prone to bleeding, it is recommended to regularly drink cherry juice and infusion from the leaves of bacon. To prepare a medicinal decoction, pour fresh leaves in the park with the stalks with boiling water, let it brew for 30 minutes, strain and take 2 tsp. every 2 hours.

The diuretic effect of the decoction

A decoction of cherry stalks is an effective diuretic. After taking it, the body will quickly clear of accumulations of urea, health will improve significantly. With regular use of a decoction of cherry stalks, urolithiasis and even gout recede. To prepare a healing infusion, pour a handful of dry stalks with a glass of boiled water, put on a slow fire, brew on the stove for 20 minutes, let it take half an hour, strain. Take the ready-made broth before eating.

Harm and contraindications

Despite the many advantages and recommendations for use, cherries do not always have a positive effect on health. If you suffer from chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, stop eating cherries. It increases acidity, which negatively affects the course of the disease. Contraindications to the use of a bobbin:

  • infectious diarrhea;
  • gastritis with high acidity;
  • gastroenteritis;
  • duodenal ulcer.

The recipe for making juice

Experienced housewives make delicious red berries for the winter. We present to you a recipe for cherry juice.

  1. Wash the berries well, separate the bone from the pulp.
  2. Put the peeled cherries in an enamel bowl.
  3. When the juice stands out, pour it into a clean, dry container, cover the remaining berries with a lid, press down with a load.
  4. Do this until you get a squeeze (one pulp).
  5. Under the action of the cargo, juice will be released from the cherry, pour it into a separate container.
  6. From the remaining pulp, make jam, jam or add to tea.

For long-term storage of cherry juice pasteurization is carried out. Heat the filtered product to 90 ° C, add sugar to taste if necessary, pour into prepared jars. As a rule, no more than 10 l of the finished product comes out of 15-20 kg of cherries. There is another method: pour berries with sugar, put in a cold place for 3 days. During this time, the cherry will isolate all the juice that needs to be drained into a jar or boiled and preserved in bottles for the winter.

Cherry bunks provide the gardener with excellent opportunities: it is easy to grow, collect, and harvest for future use. Take care of the tree, prepare it for wintering - and then next year you will enjoy the fruits that are easy to harvest for the future. The shpanka is undeservedly neglected by gardeners for the sake of varietal cherries. however, she is easily competing with them in terms of yield and quality.

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