How to change eye color at home without lenses

Eyes always speak about a person’s state of mind. They reflect the character, feelings, attitude towards others. And if you want to slightly change the color of the eyes, there are simple ways. It's not about acquiring lenses that can easily change the shade of the iris. Let's analyze non-standard ways in which improvised means are used: photoshop, clothes, shadows, eye drops, meditation.

Photoshop magic: simulate a new eye color

The popular program Adobe Photoshop helps to change the color of the eyes in the photo. With the help of simple mouse movements, you can correct body shape, face tone, hair length. Eyes can acquire an unusual depth, which will very effectively affect the overall image. Let's consider how to use Photoshop tools to get the necessary shade:

  1. Run the program Adobe Photoshop. The software version is not important, even using the oldest release of the program, it is easy to change the shade of the iris.
  2. In the menu "File - Open" we find the desired photo on which you need to change the color of the eyes.
  3. Using the Lasso tool, select the desired pupil area, which we will change. This method is also available when using the Magic Brush function, but it is not suitable in all cases with photographs.
  4. When the pupil is already selected, using the right mouse button, select the option "Transfer to a new layer." So we got the area we need to change.
  5. Similar actions should be performed with the second symmetric part, which is also visible in the photograph.
  6. Further, there are different ways to change the hue:
    • The first one is to select "Brush", find the desired tone on the palette, set the transparency at the level of 30-50%, size - by the area of ​​the whole layer, and use this tool to click on the iris several times (until you get the desired result).
    • The second is to impose a transparent layer with the necessary shade. Use magnifying, diminishing lenses that show inaccuracies in color.
  7. The last step is to combine the visible layers to make a complete photo, and save the results.

How to change eye color without lenses at home

Contact colored lenses are a good way to change the tone of the iris, but they have significant disadvantages: high cost, short life, special care rules. For those who really want to change the shade of their eyes without leaving their homes, there are other methods that are cheaper, simple. Sometimes the result can exceed all expectations. Consider the most effective ways to change the shade of the iris.

Visual way with the selection of clothes of the right color

To determine what shade of clothing can affect the eyes, you need to attach several plain scarves of different colors to the neck, while covering the body. First take a white accessory, then gray, blue, green, red, yellow, purple. Standing in front of the mirror, for several minutes, everyone will be able to choose a color that changes the shade of the iris in one direction or another. Such changes occur because a certain shade is directed from the clothes to the face.

So, dull gray eyes can turn into pale blue when using bright blue, turquoise clothes. If the pupil is a greenish tint, to enhance the color, you need to measure different outfits of light green, grassy and purple. Brown and brown eyes will become more saturated if the clothes are made in dark colors (black, dark blue, burgundy). Experiment with clothes and create the perfect look.

Proper use of eye makeup

Women can easily change the shade of the iris with the right makeup. Here we are not talking about changing the brown eyes to pale blue, but to make their shade more vibrant, deep and strong is not difficult. To do this, use high-quality paints, pencils and shadows that do not crumble over time and do not lose their color. Let's take a step-by-step look at how to change eye color with the right makeup:

  • Apply a tone (cream, powder) on the eyelid and under the eye, which will hide the imperfections, even out the color.
  • Next, color the eyebrows with a pencil of the usual color, blend, comb.
  • Apply a light shade of neutral color (beige, flesh) to the corner of the eye.
  • Next, draw an eye at the top and bottom with a pencil of the corresponding shade (brown and gray for green eyes, black and blue for blue).
  • Add some shadows to the upper eyelids and to the corner (of a color such as a shade of eyeliner) and blend them.
  • Carefully color the eyelashes with mascara of the appropriate shade (black, blue for blue-eyed, brown for green-eyed).

Method of auto-suggestion and meditation

This method is not suitable for everyone, but only for those who believe in it and can often spend time alone with themselves. To alter the color of the eyes with the help of self-hypnosis and meditation, you need to determine for yourself a deserted quiet place, sit on a pillow or soft chair and completely relax. All parts of the body should rest, and in your head you need to keep only one thought - the eyes of the right shade. At the same time, a person should visually present himself with the desired shade. This exercise should be repeated every day for 20-30 minutes.

Use of eye drops at home

Some hormonal drops can change the color of the eyes. This is because intraocular pressure decreases, changing the shade of the retina and iris. But such hormonal drugs can affect not only the eyes, but also other human organs. With prolonged use of the medication, the iris may darken and not recover after stopping the use of drops.

Can I change eye color forever?

Over time, eye color automatically changes. Most children are born blue-eyed, by the year this shade changes, but it can still mutate for another 3-4 years. At the age of 10-40 years, the color of the eyes remains the same if no big changes occur in a person's life (for example, operations, nervous breakdowns). Closer to 50-60 years and older, the color of the iris is highlighted.

The development of new technologies allows you to change the color of the eyes using laser beams. American scientists worked for several decades to create a new technology, and they succeeded. Unnecessary pigment is burned out on the iris with a laser beam, due to this, the color of the eyes can turn blue. This operation takes a considerable number of hours, and the result is not guaranteed.

The disadvantage of color change using a laser is the irreversibility of the process. Return brown, green, brown or gray shade of the iris is impossible. The negative side of the operation is a possible visual impairment, the development of cataracts, cancer or glaucoma. The cost of such a change is from 5 thousand dollars, which makes it not very popular among those who want to adjust their appearance. That is, to change the color parameters of the eyes, it is easier to buy several pairs of contact lenses.

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