How to restore correspondence in VK

Modern letters have long lost their high ground. Long romantic messages sent by mail turned into short SMS messages written in social networks or in social networks. However, correspondence between people has been and remains an important component of social interaction. Contact, like other social networks, completely saves the history of dialogs. What to do if, for some reason, the correspondence has disappeared? How to restore correspondence in VK if, for example, a page was hacked and all your dialogs were deleted? Or a classmate accidentally clicked on the wrong icon on the phone screen.

Is it possible to recover deleted messages in a contact

To return the old correspondence from the archive, the task is only possible when the page with the dialog has not yet been updated. Then, on the site of deleted messages, the "Restore" button will appear. After clicking on it, the correspondence will immediately take its original shape. It is very important not to reload the page, otherwise the history of VKontakte will be lost forever. Care, promptness and accuracy are important here. Before you delete a conversation, consider this step. After all, it will be impossible to resume it, even after a few hours.

Often users are advised to contact technical support. I authoritatively declare - it will not help! Why? Therefore, how to return the message history tech support is not allowed. The contact does not yet have a verification system and it is impossible to determine with accuracy that the true user of the account requires recovery, and not an attacker. No exhortations will affect them, because before removal, the system warns of the irreversibility of the action.

Ways to restore correspondence

Did you manage to get active actions from technical support? Do not despair! There are several tricky ways to restore personal correspondence in VK. They can not be called simple, and none gives a 100% guarantee of success. Sometimes special computer skills are required, but more often patience and time. However, if the correspondence is of real value to you, you should try:

  1. When you delete your correspondence with someone, do not forget that the other side may have a different opinion about your dialogue. Ask to send messages from your interlocutor. If you have corresponded with several users, then it is better to ask all participants in the conversation to share information. The method is simple, but depends on the people. Firstly, the other side could delete your dialogue. Secondly, the interlocutor has the right to refuse to send the contents of the dialogue.
  2. The second method is available if the profile settings have a checkmark next to notifications about private messages via E-mail. If the item is completed, then when you enter the e-mail, you will see other people's messages sent to you in the profile. There is a restriction on the volume of characters, so partially messages will be lost.
  3. Software recovery. The most risky way, since opening a dialogue in VC with the help of applications to restore, threatens virus infection. And the program activation service is often paid. Here you should not rush and rush to the first thing that you stumble upon on the Internet. Read the reviews carefully, find out how much such a program costs. Only after that - act.

How to return a dialogue to VK using the Vkopt extension

The multifunctional addition to the VK account greatly simplifies the life of many users. The popularity of the extension contributed to the emergence of a large number of fakes, because downloading the application is only from the official site. If the installation asks for personal data, a password and other suspicious actions, it is better to refuse. Otherwise, be with a hacked page!

How to return deleted messages VKontakte using Vkopt? After installing the add-on, on the right under the main menu of the page will appear the inscription Vkopt. Next, open the messages and select "Statistics" in the "Actions" menu. Set the necessary parameters and click "Let's go!". After some time, the extension collects your dialogs with all users. After choosing the right one, click on the date and time on the right side of the plate. As a result, you will go to the beginning of the dialogue with the user, even if he was deleted .-

Video instruction: how to recover deleted messages in a contact

There are many ways to restore personal correspondence in VK. None of them guarantees the restoration of the full amount of missing correspondence, dialogue or photos. The easiest is to ask the person to send a dialogue to. If the user, like you, has deleted messages, or refuses to make an appointment, more cunning methods come to the rescue. After watching the video, you will see in practice the appeal to the technical support of the social network and data recovery using the Vkopt extension.

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