Makeup for gray-green eyes step by step

Correctly selected colors in the makeup helps to create the perfect look. Cosmetics emphasize the natural beauty of every woman, while eye color and hair color are always taken into account. A wide palette of shadows gives you the chance to choose the perfect option for yourself.

What shadows are suitable for gray-green eyes

Creating makeup for gray-green eyes requires the right choice of shadows that will help emphasize the natural beauty. Given what result should be obtained, the following combination can be used:

  1. The brown gamut of colors helps to make a gentle, beautiful and natural make-up for gray-green eyes. You can apply almost any shade, from sand to bitter chocolate, beautiful and the color of coffee with milk. These shades will make the look expressive, but gentle.
  2. Everyday make-up can be created using a green palette with the effect of a chameleon, with a slight golden overflow. This color option makes the look more vibrant, charming and mysterious.
  3. The blonde should choose a copper, bronze, golden and mother-of-pearl tone.
  4. Make-up for gray-green eyes, if the red color of the hair allows you to apply cold gray and silver color shadows.
  5. Lilac, purple colors are perfect to create a beautiful casual make-up.
  6. When choosing from a green range, it is recommended to choose a deep shade - for example, emerald. The swamp color looks interesting and bright.
  7. If you need to make an evening look, it is best to choose plum, burgundy, fuchsia and lavender colors.
  8. Young girls can create a casual look with shades of yellow grass. This tone favorably emphasizes the light brown hair color and makes the look bold and expressive.

Eye shadow color for gray-green eyes with daytime makeup

Owners of beautiful gray-blue eyes need to choose the right shade tone. An ideal option would be:

  • gold;
  • lilac (matte);
  • emerald;
  • Gray;
  • copper;
  • blue;
  • white.

With evening makeup

Make-up for the evening should be bright and expressive emphasizing the natural beauty. Makeup artists recommend choosing shades of the following colors:

  • pearlescent;
  • silvery;
  • purple
  • dark green;
  • pink;
  • gold.

How to do gray-green eye makeup

Creating makeup, make-up artists recommend that you follow a few rules:

  • tinted agent is applied to previously cleansed skin;
  • the inner corner of the eyelid is painted over with white, silver shades;
  • brown shadows with a red overflow are applied to the eyelid;
  • a pencil is used to emphasize the shape of the eyes, a thin arrow can be made;
  • eyelashes are stained with mascara;
  • blush is applied;
  • lips are stained with a translucent gloss.

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For autumn girls

Women belonging to the type of "autumn" are very bright - almost everywhere there are copper-gold tones. The skin has a golden, peach hue, so you need to adhere to the following tips:

  • the eyelid is stained with flesh or beige color of the shadows or slightly dusted, but not very much;
  • shades of a dark silver or dark gray shade are applied and carefully shaded so that there are no sudden changes - the brush should be directed upwards;
  • from above, the eyelid is stained with not very dark shades of eggplant, purple or blue;
  • a pencil is used to highlight the line of eyelashes and slightly adjust the shape of the eye;
  • mascara is applied at the end.

For winter color type

Type "winter" is characterized by snow-white, sometimes pale skin and an almost complete absence of blush. Apply cosmetics step by step, following the instructions below:

  • in order for the make-up to be stable, a primer must be used, because it helps to easily shade the shadows, while they will not roll or crumble;
  • a pencil of any cold shade is taken (for example, plum) and a line is drawn on the upper eyelid strictly along the eyelashes, then gently shades;
  • pearlescent shades with a slight pink tint are applied to the brow region and inner corner of the eyelid;
  • shades of a light lilac shade shade along the mobile eyelid;
  • to give the look shine, it is worth using a light beige or white liner, which draws the inner line of the eyelid;
  • eyelashes are stained with mascara.

Festive makeup for spring women

Girls belonging to the spring color type have pale pink skin and a slight blush. Makeup artists recommend using the following tips:

  • tonal agent is applied to clean skin;
  • silver or white shades paint the inner corner of the eyelid;
  • brown shades with a light red tint are applied on top;
  • eye shape is emphasized by eyeliner or pencil;
  • eyelashes are stained with mascara.

Spectacular makeup for the summer type

The color type "summer" is characterized by snow-white skin with a light pink tint, which appears as a result of the close location of the capillary. Professional makeup artists are advised to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • body powder is applied to the eyelid;
  • as a basis, shades of a peach shade are used, which are well shaded;
  • gray shades are applied to emphasize the beauty of the eyes;
  • in the corner of the eyelid a point of dark gray shadows is placed, but they are not rubbed;
  • a strip of gray is held under the lower eyelid towards the temples;
  • eyelashes are stained with mascara.

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