How to take glycine for adults and children. How long and how often to take glycine

To regulate metabolic processes, adults and children are prescribed glycine. It is important to use it in the right dosages, taking into account contraindications. The tool helps with stress, with problems with memory, insomnia. The method of using glycine in tablets is chosen by the doctor. In this case, the patient’s diagnosis, age, characteristics of the body and so on are taken into account.

How to take glycine

Glycine forte Evalar (or manufactured by other pharmaceutical companies) is the simplest amino acid that is synthesized by the human body. The substances contained in the preparation are the basis for the production of porphyrins. As a result of administration, protective functions, inhibition of the patient's central nervous system normalize, and cognitive function increases. The drug penetrates into the tissues and body fluids very well, due to which it quickly improves the patient's condition. It is completely metabolized to a state of water or carbon dioxide and is easily excreted from the body.

If the patient was prescribed this drug, then the specialist should prescribe the prescription. The medicine is dispensed only if there is a written recommendation from the doctor. Tablets are taken in a sublingual way (under the tongue), after which they need to be resorbed. You can prescribe a medicine according to the indications of a child older than 1 year old or an adult to achieve the following goals:

  • stress relief;
  • restoring normal sleep;
  • activation of thinking processes;
  • patient adaptation;
  • pressure normalization;
  • regulation of brain function after serious injuries, heart attacks, alcohol poisoning.

The medication is well tolerated, but with individual intolerance it can cause an undesirable allergic reaction. How much glycine can I drink? The course of treatment is 14-30 days. It is recommended to start taking this drug for memory impairment, sleep, during stress, when the patient has increased hostility, conflict, bouts of aggression. For example, difficult teenagers, children who are difficult to educate, or adults.

How many glycine tablets can I drink per day

If there are indications, the doctor prescribes this remedy to the patient with recommendations on how to take Glycine. Dissolve the tablets until completely dissolved under the tongue. The child is allowed to drink up to three tablets daily (one after a meal). It is very important to observe the dosage and get acquainted with the side effects. After traumatic brain injuries, alcohol poisoning or heart attacks, you need to take 2 tablets after meals, three times a day.

It is difficult for some to dissolve the whole tablet, therefore it is allowed to grind them into powder and drink with water. If there is an appropriate indication, the drug is prescribed in a course. For one year, up to seven-month courses of treatment are allowed. The best time to take the medicine is after a meal or at night. Every 30 days, be sure to take a short break.

How long can I take glycine without a break

It is allowed to take the drug without a break for up to 30 days. After that, take a break for 7-14 days. During the break, special attention should be paid to the patient's condition. Sometimes there may be no indication for further administration of the drug. The substances of this medicine do not have the desired effect on a healthy body. If the nervous tension has not disappeared, the course of treatment should be extended for a month. Can glycine be taken continuously? For years, you should not drink pills. After two ineffective courses of therapy, another remedy is prescribed to the patient.

How to drink Glycine in adults

If there are indications (pressure, sleep problems, high emotional stress), this remedy is prescribed sublingually in appropriate dosages. How to use Glycine:

  1. 0.5-1 capsule at night (for sleep disturbance).
  2. 1 piece every 20 minutes, but not more than 7 (with a hangover syndrome).
  3. 2 pieces 3 times a day (after a stroke, head injury, alcohol poisoning).

How to drink glycine for children

Before giving this medicine to a small child, it is worth consulting a doctor. Although the substances are well tolerated, there is a risk of individual intolerance. In this regard, it is not necessary to start taking the medicine without permission. How to take Glycine:

  1. If the child is almost healthy, but often is stressed, sleeps poorly, is subject to high mental stress: 1 piece 2 times every day. The course is not more than one month.
  2. Difficult teenagers with insomnia, pressure, mood changes, aggressiveness, difficulties in the process of education: 1 piece three times a day.

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Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for independent treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give recommendations for treatment based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.