A complaint is what it is. A sample statement of claim to the supplier and the procedure for handling complaints

In controversial moments, a written dialogue is used - with competitors or future partners. If claims or difficulties appear, one has to show extraordinary intellectual abilities, eloquence, knowledge of business phrases and turns. Learn how to show competency in general matters. Apply it in the work, making a complaint.

What is a complaint?

This incomprehensible term can be found in all areas of life, while it has a meaning that is not entirely pleasant for the addressee. The complaint is related to violations of the transaction, which was concluded orally or in writing between opponents. A categorical demand is put forward addressed to the debtor with a detailed description of violations of his obligations to the injured party. Learn what a complaint is - what it is, lawyers or just educated people will tell you. More often than not, this letter of claim is required during pre-trial proceedings.

If the problem is not resolved with the help of the complaint addressed to the debtor, the letter of claim becomes an official document that the plaintiff provides in the course of the trial. This is a kind of evidence that an attempt was made to resolve the dispute without involving law enforcement agencies (arbitration, prosecutor's office, police department, security services, customs control). For each area of ​​activity, the term “complaint” takes on a more precise definition.

When is the complaint written?

In the legal field, the concept of “complaint” arises from time to time when a person decides to voice his complaint, dissatisfaction, clarify and achieve justice. The claim is drawn up on a separate form according to the model established by legal acts, transferred personally to the hands or delivered by registered letter to the addressee's post office. A complaint is sent in the following cases:

  • poor product quality;
  • the provision of low-quality services;
  • violation of the delivery time of the goods;
  • payment delays;
  • disruption of production, violation of the schedule;
  • claims for damages.

How a claim letter is made

The act of complaint of malfunction must be drawn up on a separate form, and it is important not only to announce the essence of your claim, but also to put forward a number of requirements to the opponent to resolve the conflict. When filing a protest or objection adhere to the plan. It is necessary:

  1. Indicate the serial number and date of the document being prepared.
  2. Indicate the full details of the person from whom the complaint originates (this may be the name of the organization).
  3. Write the name of the document, as in the provided sample.
  4. Justify their dissatisfaction, that is, attach invoices, checks, details of the contract, acts of delivery or acceptance of goods, contracts, receipts.
  5. Describe the characteristics of low-quality goods or services that were provided by the addressee.
  6. State the essence of the problem, that is, in a free form describe your disapproval, for example, attribute the product to the category of “marriage”.
  7. Provide evidence of the shortcomings of the transaction, facts about the damage (property, health).
  8. Write down your requirements for a peaceful settlement of the problem in commodity-market relations.
  9. Describe the documents that are provided as evidence of the validity of the claim.

After filling out the complaint, it is important to clarify that it is required to prepare two copies at once, which will not differ. If you transmit the document in person, it is important that the addressee put a stamp on receipt of a displeased person on the copy. If you decide to use the services of the post office, then when sending a registered letter, you need to pay extra for receiving a report on the delivery of correspondence to the addressee.

How to handle a complaint letter

If a complaint is received in violation of the contract, you must correctly respond to the registered letter. If the supplier fully admits the wrong, it is necessary to put a signature confirming receipt of the document and proceed to fulfill the buyer's requirements. If you eliminate a defective product or service, compensate moral and material damage, the client will be satisfied, and the conflict will be completely settled. The application will not be given progress, and the matter will not reach the trial.

If the supplier strongly disagrees with the customer’s complaint, it may not even sign that he received it. An oral statement, without witnesses, has no legal force, and a registered letter with a statement will be returned to the sender in a month. The claim has to be submitted in court. The decision of the state structure will be subject to mandatory execution.

What is a reclamation act?

This is an official document from the client on the poor-quality provision of goods and services, which is set out in a business style, in writing, has an incoming number and legal force. The reclamation act includes a list of documents that confirm the objectivity of the presented claim for work in relation to the goods received or the services rendered.

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