Zumba for beginners - basic fitness dance program for weight loss with reviews

Dance aerobics to music is gaining popularity. If you want to become even more attractive, get a positive charge, have outlined weight loss, but are not strong in training, zumba for beginners is a kind of fitness. Incendiary dances based on fun Latin and Afro rhythms will allow you to achieve maximum success without effort.

What is a zumba

This is a young trend in fitness. In translation, the name means "buzz" / "move fast." It appeared in 2001, the author of the movement was the choreographer from Colombia - Alberto Perez. Zumba dancing is a symbiosis of elements of hip-hop, samba, flamenco, meringue, salsa, bachata are present. They have become popular in more than 180 countries of the world and these are the simplest fitness dances for weight loss. Supermix for a great result!

The main goal of the program is to use the maximum number of muscles, work them deep, but not exhaust the body. There are no frequent repetitions of the same movements - everything goes harmoniously, fervently. 400-500 kcal is burned per hour of classes. In addition to the firming, tonic effect, the zumba for beginners will give positive emotions, relieve stress, and make you feel easy.

There are several types, among which beginners can choose:

  • Aqua Zumba - classes in the pool;
  • Zumba in the circuit - intensive weight loss training;
  • Zumba Toning - a toning program with dumbbells;
  • Dance - dancing + training;
  • Step - the use of step is included in the lesson;
  • Fitness - doing basic fitness with dance elements.

Slimming zumba

The Latin American option for training is chosen for a reason: aerobic exercise will help burn excess fat / tighten the skin. What is so remarkable zumba for weight loss? There are several answers to this question:

  1. Effective, fun - doing the exercises is simple and easy, while getting real pleasure.
  2. Plastic / agility / grace is being developed.
  3. Latina helps to model the body and lose weight by starting metabolic processes.
  4. Trains the respiratory and cardiac systems.
  5. Problem areas are being worked out - stomach, hips, buttocks, arms.

Combined exercises give a positive effect on the body. You dance and lose weight! In order for beginner exercises to bring results, it is important to practice 3-5 times a week. You can enroll in a gym or study at home - this will not affect the final result at all. The main thing is aspiration and regularity, then a beautiful toned body is guaranteed to you!

Zumba movements

The instructor in the club in the first lessons will tell you in detail, show beginners the basic constant movements of the zumba. These include turns on the heels and toes, lunges with turns, steps with claps. At the same time, the intensity, depth of movement with a zumba for beginners can be adjusted independently. All new elements will be based on the basis. Remember it and further training will be simple.

Zumba at home

No matter where you are going to train, it is important to consider the basic rules. Zumba classes at home will not be difficult for beginners, if you adhere to the basis. Choose workouts from the video and give preference to those that match your level. It is best to do in comfortable clothes: she should not squeeze or rub. Be sure to pick up light shoes. You can do it without it, but the foot will get tired faster.

Zumba Training

Each program consists of 4 blocks:

  1. Warm up - start moving slowly, adjusting to the beat. Be sure to breathe deeply. Work your neck, arms, legs.
  2. The choice of dance exercises - teaching elements to beginners. Here various options are possible, and borrowed movements are added to the basic ones.
  3. The dance itself is the most enjoyable part. Dance!
  4. Zumba training ends with muscle relaxation - stretching and a hitch.

Slimming Zumba Dancing

Fitness zumba - energy intensive. To reduce fatigue, it is important to remember the basic steps (lunges / squats / twisting) and organize competent breathing of beginners. After you stop being confused, dancing zumba for weight loss will be an outlet. You do not need to follow only the main directions, add your own - experiment. But stick to the rhythm. Dance will help to engage each muscle individually and in combination. What does it mean? That's right - the zumba dance for weight loss will start the process of changes in the body.

Zumba Step

A unique set of movements designed for training on the platform. Zumba step will help remove fat from the lower body. Legs and buttocks will be the envy of others! At home, as a step, you can use a stable low stool / threshold / curb in the yard. In this direction, you can work out cardio and aerobic exercise.

Zumba contraindications

Training brings a lot of positive effects. However, there is a category of people for whom classes are not recommended. The contraindications of zumba are as follows:

  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • rehabilitation period after serious injuries, operations;
  • problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • high blood pressure;
  • deviations from the norm of the nervous system;
  • active respiratory diseases;
  • if you have difficulty breathing (shortness of breath).

Video: zumba lessons

Check out some fun video tutorials online for beginners. Find yourself useful movements and make up the full complex. Each woman, having looked at the zumba lessons for beginners, will be able to understand the essence and easily begin to train at home. Watch and implement the necessary number of movements in your programs.

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