Weight Loss Apps for Android - The Best Calorie Counting Software

For keeping a sports diary, counting calories of products on a diet, Android slimming applications have been created that allow you to lose weight rationally and quickly. Thanks to the programs, a person gets motivation to change the figure for the better, accustoms himself to proper nutrition according to the required calorie content and water balance. You can download applications for free on Google Play, some of them are paid, but have advanced features.

Program for losing weight on Android

Against the backdrop of universal enthusiasm for health, harmony and good nutrition, applications for losing weight have appeared, which you can download to your phone and monitor weight. Programs have a lot of built-in information on the calorie content of foods and dishes, the rules of the BJU, the steps taken and the consumption of clean water. Such an Android weight loss trainer will be able to motivate him to go in for sports, daily physical activity and refusal of food that is harmful.

Calorie Counting Program for Android

In order to lose weight correctly, reduce the calorie content of consumed products, a program has been created for calculating calories. It is a built-in calculator where you can bring all the food eaten during the day. The program will calculate calorie content, note the norm or excess, help to find out the optimal number of calories that you need to burn to lose weight, depending on gender, age, physical activity.

Popular Android weight loss apps that have a built-in calorie counter:

  1. Sandwich - created by Russian developers, has a large assortment of products sold in domestic supermarkets. There are functions for compiling a food diary, a reference section on the method for calculating the optimal calorie intake, a barcode scanner.
  2. Lose weight without a diet - the user selects from the graphic pictures what he ate during the day, and the program reports on the composition and calorie content. Opportunities for weight loss: photographs of dishes, water metering, control of body parameters.
  3. Calorie Calculator is a highly targeted application, it counts only calories without BJU, then the values ​​are compared with the optimal for the user. Opportunities: maintaining a calendar, daily limit, the amount of food already eaten.

Android running app

A popular tracker for running, which helps the user to take into account the distance traveled, the number of steps and calories burned. It must be synchronized with the application for more convenient and visual display of information. For this, special applications for Android have been created:

  1. Personal trainer for running - there is no input of personal data, trainings are held according to an average program. Record speed, distance, the ability to listen to music while running. The version is free, but has a number of extensions - Personal Trainer, Marathon and others.
  2. S Health is a proprietary Android application for interacting with Samsung smart watches. In the background, it monitors activity, collects data, processes them. It has a built-in pedometer, thermo-hygrometer, pulse meter, analyzer for sleep, stress, food consumed.

Fitness apps for Android

A smart watch, bracelet or fitness tracker for Android requires a special application for interaction and display of information. Popular programs are:

  1. Accupedo, Noom Walk, Moves, Steps Mania - accurate pedometers with the function of storing history, building graphs. To work, you need GPS.
  2. 7 Seven - a motivation program for sports of busy people. Includes seven daily exercises that need to be done every minute. The program counts time, shows technique and progress.
  3. Just 6 Weeks is an application for performing simple basic exercises (squats, push-ups, bar) 10 minutes three times a week. The result of losing weight is promised in six weeks. Features: training reminder, performance statistics, difficulty levels, description.

Weight Control App

Weight loss programs for Android are useful for those who are losing weight, who will help to balance nutrition and increase physical activity:

  1. Losing weight together - there is a list of dishes for determining calorie content, a list of diets, a section with demotivators, exercises to maintain shape, articles about losing weight.
  2. GymBoom - an electronic training diary, saves the results of trips to the fitness room, compiles a personal exercise program. There is motivation, class reports, exercise guide.
  3. Endomondo Sports Tracker - suitable for jogging, cycling, walking. In real time it shows the distance traveled, speed, calories burned.

Calorie Count & BJU Program

If only the determination of daily calorie content is not enough, a program for calculating the BJU developed for Android will help out:

  1. Fat Secret calorie counter - helps to quickly find information about the calorie and nutritional value of a dish, includes a wide range of brands and restaurant food. Features: to choose from - a scanner or manual barcode entry, a diet and exercise diary, a calendar, a weight tracking table, and a progress log.
  2. BMI calculator Ideal weight - calculates body mass index, height to waist ratio, percentage of fat content.
  3. E-supplement - helps to identify if there are harmful components in food, warns about the dangers of additives with the prefix E.

Top Weight Loss Apps

According to the ratings, based on user reviews, a top weight loss application for Android was compiled, which included programs for calorie accounting, calculating BZHU, water balance and sports training. These programs have been downloaded by users over 5-10 million times, which became the reason for their popularity and separation into a separate category. You can find them in the official Google Play account.

Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal

According to reviews, the best calorie counter for Android is the app of the same name. Its developer was MyFitnessPal, which created a "pocket nutritionist." The Calorie Counter application controls nutrition, has a food base with 5 million ingredients, a diary of food and sports, statistics and reports on the menu, nutrient content. The program has built-in dynamics graphs, designers of dishes, exercises, a code scanner, reminders of meals. Of the minuses - intrusive advertising.

The application My trainer on weight loss

The application My trainer on weight loss on Android is considered motivational. After launch, a virtual copy of the user is created, which changes as a real person engages in sports. Functions: monitoring nutrition, completing tasks, motivational pictures and quotes, tips, tasks to combat overweight, you can take advantage of incentives for movement and restrictions in nutrition, carbohydrates.

Runkeeper GPS running, walking

A popular weight loss application for Android is the Runkeeper GPS running tracker, which is designed to track steps, distance traveled, calories burned. The program keeps a diary, takes into account statistics, compiles schedules, works even in a bag or pocket, gives instructions to the "instructor". Analysis based on the received data is decrypted, uploaded to your account on the website. You can share successes on social networks, you need a GPS signal to work. If the tracker has a heart rate sign, the application is able to track it.

Fitness plan 30 days on Android

The Fitness plan application for 30 days will help you lose weight in a month with a diligent attitude to training. It includes simple but intense bodyweight exercises developed by professional trainers. Features: a gradual increase in the load, taking into account the individual characteristics of the body, a monthly plan, a manual with video, a recording of the process and achievements.

Beginners are invited to start from a simple level, another is created for the pros. The program provides instructions, guidance on the implementation of exercises, contains information about nutrition, a system of reminders is created. For lovers of social networks, there is a function to share the results. You can practice the application at home or at work, without visiting the fitness room.

Time to drink water app

To maintain water balance, the Water Time program developed for Android will help. If you install it, it helps to return a good habit, sends reminders about taking a glass of water. How to use the application. Time to drink water: upload data about yourself, specify the parameters of reminders, mark each glass of water, coffee or tea drunk. The program will calculate the optimal amount of fluid, tell you about the reception and implementation of the norm.


For professional runners, the Runtastic program for Android will be useful. The free application takes into account user data, has a built-in map on which the distance traveled is recorded using GPS. Pluses: high functionality, calories burned and distance taking into account the rise, terrain, built-in player. Cons: there is no Russian-language interface, the functions of measuring the pulse and sound commands are paid.

Ducan's diet

Those who lose weight on a special system will like the application on the Android diet of Dukan or iDukan. When downloading, personalize the data - you need to enter the actual parameters of growth, weight, the desired result. The program will calculate the time of losing weight, calorie content in two stages - Attack and Cruise. Every day, nutrition and body parameters are shown. Pros: graphics of lost weight and excess kilograms, features of a plan, calendar, diet today, recipes where you can add your products.

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Vera, 21 years old I like Android weight loss apps that count calorie-rich foods. With them I am not worried about my figure - I enter data on food, I get a calculation and the optimal caloric value for a day. If it is exceeded, FatSecret notifies me.
Andrey, 30 years old Among all the applications for losing weight on Android installed on my mobile phone, I would single out Runtastic. I have an extended paid version that I use for running. She tells about progress, distance traveled and calories burned, and also builds charts.
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