How a woman can remove her stomach - diets, effective exercises, body wraps and massage

When losing weight, each part of the body begins to lose weight at its own pace, but some of them are especially reluctant to lose in volume. To remove fat from the hips, to narrow the waist, to make arms stretch is easier than to figure out how to get rid of a woman’s abdomen, especially if simple exercises and classical cutting of calorie intake does not help. What factors can impede the achievement of this goal and are there any chances to solve the problem without specialist intervention?

Why does the stomach stick out

It is not so easy for a woman to get rid of deposits in the waist and lower than to adjust the remaining zones, since nature provides for the presence of a certain amount of fat in this part. The role of the future mother, entrusted to the girls, involves the mobility of the uterus during and after pregnancy, which is facilitated by the fat layer, which prevents the fusion of tissues and the appearance of adhesions. Not every case of a flat (so-called “dry”) abdomen leads to this, but before deciding to get rid of fat here, you need to figure out whether it is so extra.

In addition to the natural idea, a convex belly in women can be explained by:

  • Metabolic disorders, which leads to obesity and the appearance of visceral fat.
  • A genetic feature - if the ancestors on the female line had obvious fatty deposits on the abdomen even with a slender figure, you also have a chance to appear.
  • Stresses that trigger an increase in cortisol levels.
  • The problems of the endocrine system that triggers hormonal disruptions that entail the retention of fluid by the cells.
  • Curvature of the back and too thin intervertebral discs.
  • Bowel problems causing flatulence.
  • Stretched skin and weak abdominal muscles (after childbirth).

How to remove a woman’s belly

Until you find out the reason why your stomach sagged or rolled out in the manner of a beer among the stronger sex, you can not start trying to get rid of it - it will not bring positive results, especially if the obesity is endogenous. When the back is curved, it is pointless to adjust the nutrition, and trying to pump up the press is dangerous; if hormones are to blame, without affecting them even from the healthiest food, you will get better. After childbirth, the question of how to remove a woman’s huge belly rises especially sharply, but should be decided with the help of a doctor.

Universal recommendations without studying the problem can be given only to those who need to get rid of extra pounds on their stomach, provoked by an abundance of sugar in the diet, a sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition. Here the scheme is simple:

  • physical exercises for fat burning and helping to work out deep muscles;
  • long-term diet correction (no hard diets!);
  • cosmetic procedures if you need to tighten the skin.


Physical activity along with nutrition correction helps to get rid of excess fat in the body, but they become effective only when building a competent lesson plan. They don’t have to be daily, they don’t need to move to the gym either - at home, losing weight from the abdomen can be no worse. However, regularity is needed. Experts on the question of how to reduce the abdomen and sides of women recommend 3 cardio workouts and 2 strength exercises with local exercises for deep abdominal muscles per week.


If the abdominal fat is subcutaneous and has not affected the internal organs, you can even try to get rid of it by simply switching to proper nutrition. The greatest threat is alcohol and sugar-rich foods. All sources of simple carbohydrates, i.e. sweets, white flour products, fast food, when trying to figure out how to get rid of a woman’s stomach, you need to eliminate it from the menu. Acceptable and even the right food will be:

  • fresh (mainly) vegetables;
  • a fish;
  • lean meat options;
  • seafood;
  • eggs
  • greens (required!).

As for cereals, doctors disagree. Only on the issue of buckwheat is there a single solution - it will not hurt to get rid of the abdomen, especially given its effect on the hormonal background of a woman. Rice is not useful for everyone - just unpolished, i.e. in the shell; oatmeal should not be in the form of flakes, and millet can harm the stomach. When combating fat folds, it is advisable to emphasize plant raw foods, i.e. vegetables, not cereals.

How to clean your stomach with a wrap

Exposure to heat helps to get rid of body fat, however, according to experts, this is more a way to tighten the skin and improve its condition, but not a universal answer to the question of how to remove a thick stomach in women, especially with obesity. Control of appetite and calorie intake will give a more pronounced result. If you decide to figure out how to get rid of a woman’s stomach by performing body wraps, use this instruction:

  1. Dilute the clay to a thick consistency by adding warm water to it.
  2. Drop a little citrus essential oil, drop a pinch of cinnamon.
  3. Distribute this mass on the skin, wrap yourself with cling film.
  4. Cover this area with woolen cloth, wait an hour before rinsing.


The mechanical effect that any anti-cellulite massage has has a nature similar to body wraps: it heats the abdomen, helping to burn subcutaneous fat. You can visit a specialist, you can do the massage yourself - the effect will be almost the same. Solo, like wraps, this method does not help to lose weight. Women with reproductive system problems, especially the uterus, are prohibited. may harm the body.

Cosmetic procedures

The desire to get rid of the fat layer through the use of miraculous "fat-burning" creams and other cosmetics and procedures is similar to trying to cure cancer with folk recipes. Such an impact will not be harmful, but the benefits are doubtful, even as an element of an integrated approach. Herbal extracts, which supposedly trigger fat burning on the stomach, reach the target when used externally in such a small amount that the result can be expected for months. The only thing that cosmetic procedures will give is an improvement in the quality of the skin.

How to remove the lower abdomen

The protrusion of this zone has no connection with food intake and does not even depend on the strength of the press. The hormonal background and spinal disorders are often to blame here, especially if there are no problems with nutrition and motor activity. Of the exercises on the "lower abdomen," the classic bar, ie keeping the body horizontally extended line with emphasis on the elbows, and vacuum - the maximum retraction of the abdomen. However, a woman will be able to get rid of this problem only after talking with a specialist.

How to clean your stomach in the gym

When it remains only to finish off the last couple of kilograms that have concentrated on the waist, she has a direct path to the gym, where she needs to start taking classes with a simulator and sports equipment. A particularly clear result is given by:

  • exercises with fitball (big ball);
  • workouts on the bench for the press;
  • slopes with dumbbells.

How to get rid of age abdomen in women

In adulthood, the figure changes under the influence of hormonal fluctuations, especially when a woman enters the menopause. Complicates attempts to get rid of body fat, slowing down metabolism, loss of skin tone and deterioration of muscle condition. The general rules for creating the menu remain the same as for girls, but experts emphasize fractional nutrition and reducing salt intake. In addition, exercises for deep abdominal muscles (not strength training!) Become mandatory. A sufficient, but not exhausting load is needed.

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Olga, 30 years old. Each has his own recipe for how to get rid of hated centimeters in the abdomen. My organ often gets in the way of fruits - like overdoing, so I begin to gain weight and volume. Vegetables can also make the stomach fall out, because the intestines do not like plant foods. I try to eat more protein and to a minimum - carbohydrates.
Anna, 26 years old. I have half the advice on how to get rid of a woman’s lower abdomen; it doesn’t work in any way - a hoop, a jump rope, and slopes completely past. "Bicycle" and pumping the press too. A bunch of Pilates and a treadmill worked well: in a month we managed to get rid of 4 cm at the waist and tighten the stomach very much.
Ulyana, 34 years old. All women in my family suffer from bulky thighs and abdomen, even if nutrition is strictly monitored. It is not possible to completely get rid of this, the organism cannot be genetically rebuilt, but I have been keeping myself in good shape for 2 years now with yoga and a pool. The menu is predominantly made from vegetables, seafood protein only.

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